Its Offical Party night this Sat at 8pm where ever you are

Its Offical Party night this Sat at  8pm where ever you are

This Party thing could take off , dress code is casual , post a pic and tell us all how you feel and where you are in the world , you never know this could go viral and promote this site to the world , it should give a better understanding to People just what we go through on a daily basis just to survive ,

love you all


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  • hi al -

    its me again ... i think you should know that we met someone whose father had pd for 7 years before they got his meds right !! but when they did there was a big improvement so dont give up or let this disease get you down -

    it would seem we all need endless patience and optimism ..

    love sha xx

  • Have tried but still can't post a photograph. Sorry. Like the party idea.

  • i will try to be there

  • Make sure you do

  • What time zone for the 8 p.m.? I'm out in the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii) and that puts me hours behind so PJs for you maybe but ,,, heck, I'll just wear my PJs all day,

    By the way, I also am unable to post my picture. The browse button won't pick up the URL address nor can I manually type it in.

  • Hi ,jillfd,

    Glad you can join us time is whatever time zone you are in as long as its *pm this Saterday

    Look for ward to meeting You


  • I'm on GMT living in England but let's say 8pm whatever timezone you're in......let's PARTY Woo Hoo!! :-)

  • I am in California. I think we are 9 hours earlier than Europe.

    I'll drop by.

  • 8 hours behind the UK and 9 hours behind rest of Europe

  • Wish there WAS a party to go to! My party will be me, the cat and the tv or computer xx

  • Hi Christinemc,

    thers is , its our party but this is the big one, the PD party of the year , we have PD's from Florida, New york ,glasgow, Sheffield, Cornwall, new jersay Fance and all around the world , its a fantasy roller coaster a real life one time experiance, and best of all its private a totaly private club that not every one can gate crash , its our's embrace and have some fun in your life


    Al from Scotland


  • hi christinemc

    yes my cat and i had a great time in my flat and watched TOTP 1964 on TV - my era)

    iam a young 65 going on 15 and shall not let it (THE PSP) beat me... yet

    love jill

    ps ia m in the UK - England nr manchester

  • But there is a party and we're all invited!

    Thank you Al for organizing this.

  • Hi Peeps and Party lovers , i know some of us will be parting just now , however we in the uk just have to restrain our selfs till tomorrow , And Andy from Sheffield , get some rest and save all your energy for tomorow , dont be using up all that spent up energy ( you know what i mean)

    fair to say ive had a wee beer tonight, only in training for the biggest event of the PD calendar so far

    see ou all tommorow night


  • I can't wait, at last something to look forward to, I agree it should be private, so we can really let go and enjoy ourselves...

  • nene 1 , your a dark horse , see you tommorow


  • Aye, like yourself I'm having a trial run myself tonight,,, it must be the Scottish thing to do...


  • Must be the Celt in us ,

    the booze mixs well with the meds , been up now for over 48 hrs just cant explain why i dont feel like sleepin .

    must be my age and am only 52 yrs young any way look forward to your party pic, have you seen joelts is soo fecken funny

  • i am looking forward to this but like some others i can't get the hang of getting a picture posted if anybody wants to walk me thru it i will gladly take the help just like i can't get the post done as to where i am, i am so elctronically challenged lol but am really looking to our blowout.


  • where is everyone?

  • We are heer drinking lots of beer

  • Didn't you see me? I was The Quiet Guy sitting in a chair reading Life In The Balance, by Dr Thomas Graboys.

  • We saw you Joealt, loved the pic , seams you scrub up well

    take care my friend


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