Requip Night shift 2nd night

Requip Night shift 2nd night

Now been awake a straight 24 hrs and still dont feel like sleeping, i wish i was 21 again, thats prob the last time i have been awake for so long, now in my 50's and to old for clubbing , well may be not , thank godness for this site and all who sail in her,

Ipod on ond off we go for anouther rollercoster of a night.

see you all on the outher side

Morning USA



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  • Good morning Al & greetings from UK. It is 3.40 a.m and I am very much awake! Hope you have an ok day. I am currently fighting walking & speech difficulties and am worried that I have something like PSP As well as PD hence the insomnia. Hard to remain positive at times is it not!! From the dark side. Tony

  • Morning Tony,

    Must be somthing in the UK air , iv not sleept for over 24hrs now, it is hard some times to remain positive , i was just thinking of going out for a walk it 3.50 am friday and then i rememberd my walking is not to good tend to fall in peoples gardens and i dont think they would be too pleased to find me sprawled out when they get up.

    take care

    talk soon


  • I guess we have just got to keep on keeping on Al. Where do you live? Tony

  • Live just out side glasgow

  • Really appreciate how lucky I am whe I read these posts and I could do with some positive thinking at the moment. I am able to sleep reasonably well, but know that this could change suddenly with the unpredictability of this disease.

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