Who that says that I have Parkinson's but it doesnt have me full of it because it sure has me and I F###in hate it

It has taken everything from me I've had since I was 38 yrs . It took my job away , it took my marriage away it took my son away and I'm 50 and now I'm going to live alone . Because I don't think too many people with this and other diseases find a new relationships easy to find.

That freakin sucks and call me a baby it scares me .

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  • Hi Mate ,

    its a bit aof a Basterd this Pd, i was just Dx Late last year althought have been told iv had it for over 10 years, please dont get down on this its not the end of the world, i know i may sound patrenising but we are all in this togither, sorry my spelling ish crap , i never was goos at spelling anyway, now i have an excuse

    keep your chin up



  • Thanks mate

  • Boy oh boy, did you come to the right place.

    We hear you bro.

    Please don't despair.

  • You Coming to the party ? 8pm sharp this sat dont forget to post your pic


  • I hear you and fully understand & identify with what you are saying. Where do you live? Tony

  • Illinois

  • Illinios

  • You have definitely found the right place. Everyone is supportive. I know this doesn't come anywhere near to solving things for you. Afraid nothing can do that but they say a problem shared is a problem solved. Not true but stick with people who understand how you feel and hopefully it will help. Please try to hang on in.


  • You're definitely come to the right place mate don't feel down we're all in the same boat we can all talk to each other. Do what I'm doing and face life full on with a big smile on your face.........Laughter is the best medicine.



  • Oh Anthony, I know how angry and hurt, and resentful this damn thing is, but lets face , WE HAVE IT. We can all either lay down and let it take over our lives, or fight all the way to try and live the way we want. I agrree that it is difficult meeting people, but true friends will always be there, and those who disappear were obviously not true to you. Living on your own can be scary at times, like today when I cant stop shaking and the dystonia in my foot is going haywire, but me and the cat are lying down and playing computer games. Tomorrow I might be ok to go shopping, even if I have to take my wobble stick as my grandson calls it. Parkinsons is a sh###y thing to have, no one chooses it, but we have the choice how it rules our life. Please take care, Christine x

  • Ditto ditto and ditto, it did all of the above to me too, I lost everything, everything, at the age of 40 something living with my Dad alone no house, no car, no job, no money. It was hard...... We have choices, give in, give up, get going.... the choice is yours. Personally there was only one choice .... to get going ..... I don't believe in reincarnation so its this or what ever else I choose to make it. Something must light you up, make you feel good, give you a buzz.... something... you just need to find it and then use it to rebuild from. Yes you have found a group of supportive people, however, you need to help yourself too.... give life a chance, be open minded, be flexible..... take some small positive steps, every little one helps! C

  • It sucks at times . Lost my husband and some friends who couldn't cope . Can you imagine 55 and single and dating with PD? Yikes I can't believe that's me. Glad the party is tomorrow night because tonight I'm going out with a gorgeous guy. A good friend that loves music like I do. I can at least enjoy the moment. 10 years in and there are surprises every day.

  • Hiya I met a woman a couple of months before I was diagnosed with PD (I was diagnosed in Oct 2011) and she has been totally 100% supportive towards me since, she teases me relentlessly about my tremor and we have a real good laugh about it...she has my sense of humour and sense of facing life to the full with a smile. :-)

    Andy xx

  • You guys are the best!

    This site is da bomb.

    Whaddaya say, Anthony?

  • Thanks

  • I was Dx when I was 48, am 62 and and am alone, I try not to think about it. I'm stuck with me and have to just deal with it. What gets me is pity!!

  • Pity makes us human. Pity humbles us. If pity helps find a cure bring it on.

  • I hate pity too! What we need is empathy, not sympathy.

  • Parkinson's People is like The Losers Club. We've got each other. What the hell. Let's party.

  • Well,hello, everyone.

    I think that if you were a happy, smiling person with PD, then chances are you were that way before.

    I was diagnosed at 49, with symptoms about two years prior, an looking back, maybe some loss of mental acuity about two years before that.

    I am now 63. I have always been a pessimist, half empty type, but I think that most everything that could have caused unhappinesss during childhood, did.

    I am still married, and have two grown children in their 30's

    My symptoms were not usually visible until recently, but I felt like crap.

    I had a fight with the insurance company over disability, but my lawyer got the job done for me, bless her.

    Both my wife and I had a lot of trouble both with the disease, and therefore each other. We belatedly got into counseling, which helped immensely, and I was able to hang on at work long enough to get a decent pension, and some other stuff.

    i will start DBS evaluations toward the end of this month and see where that goes.

    Having said all that, I also hate this bleeping disease. I can't drive, so that adds to the suckiness.

    I do model railroading when I can, but PD has affected that as well.

    Four and a half years after I left work, I am finally forgetting that long chapter of my life...over 37 years.

    The docs tell me to exercise...they should get PD and try it some time.

    I think my son is thinking that I should be more active..you know that someone always will.

  • Hang in there...it's ok to be angry but don't let it consume your life. I was diagnosed almost two years ago and have deceided that i am going to make the best of it. Granted I am still able to work, drive, etc....and I have lots of great friends but am single and have resigned myself to being single the rest of my life.

    You can do it and this is the right place to vent so go right aheat....

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