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I am back

Well, I have been incognito for a while but just like,a bad penny, I keep showing up when least expected.

Not a whole lot going on since I got back from Bali. I am doing more yoga, trying to get in 6 days a week, and I'm going to attempt to start walking everyday in the morning. I may only make it around the block but that will be better than nothing!!! I hope to build that up.,

Joined Weight Watchers again and lost weight last weeks. Hope I can keep it up, I think that will help with the Parkinson's too!!!

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hi d=sadie

good ot see you posting after your trip to BALI

Gdood luck with the weight losss and gteh walkign

i am too scared 2 walk anhywhere on my own - i need an arm for support and comfort

sk]o good on ye r 4 doing that too

lol jill



Keep up the good work !! How was Bali? Me , I try to not stop moving, I try to have several projects going at once, so I don't stop. I was let go from my job a year ago and now I am on social security . :)


It was awesome and incredible!! I am on disability after being let go from my job in 10/2010. I have sarcoidosis as well as PD.


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