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My New Job

Some time ago the thought popped into my head that having Parkinson's is a bit like having a new job, - learniing a new way of life, different ways of doing things. I wrote a long rambling piece on that theme, which I later converted to a poem:-


I have a new job; I’m now a P.W.P,

I didn’t apply for it, never sent a CV.

No interview took place, no job offer letter,

Not much information to help me do better.

No training was given to guide me along,

So it wasn’t surprising if some things went wrong.

It appears that the boss is a medical man,

Twice a year he advises, I do the best I can.

I didn’t want this job, didn’t know what to do,

But I picked up the routine, try to help others too

Retirement time came, but no break from this work

No holidays or bonuses, not one little perk

I thought jobs for life were a thing of the past.

But, apparently this one, a lifetime will last

But the boys in the background, are studying hard

And some kind of respite may be on the cards

Those brilliant brains will continue to strive

For an answer in ten years, or even in five.

We hope against hope that the end is in sight

And People With Parkinson’s will win the fight!

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This is just like it is - thank you!! Tony


Brilliant! :-) Thanks for posting



Nice one! :) Well done xx from Christine


I got that job

I've got it made!

But when the hell

do we get paid?


Perhaps we don't get paid

Till we get promotion to 'up above '

It maybe ten years, or sixty seven

When we get our reward in Heaven !

(I can't find smileys)


Type a colon then a ). When you hit submit or reply it will become a smiley. :)


Hi All,

Whens the work's night out?

Count me in



I`ve got my tux n bow tie at the ready! :-)..........Paaarrrteyyyyyy lol


How about Saturday 8 pm wherever you are ;o)


Its a date! ;-) lol xx


brilliant i love it . xxx


Good idea! it will be a brilliant works night awful lot of us are on night shift anyway !!! xx


See my reply to Andy


Boy howdy!


Sat night it is then , lets all post a photo of us haveiing a blast and a wee drink and forget about PD for at least a few moments,

If its a success well make it a yearly event < ( a virtual Party with all who have Parkie.



Luv this poem! :)


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