The Night Shift On Requip

The Night Shift On Requip

Well its that time of the night again , went to bed at 11.30 pm and guese what back up wide wake at 12.30, , had a cup of tea , then decided that as my wife the lovely Laraine needed petrol for her car befor she went to work, i would do it for her so 1.30 am off i go got the car keys and started of , rain and wind lashing down here just now , the petrol station is only about 5 mins from our house , got the petrol and on the way back it sudenly dawnd on me that my night driving is not that good ( sight poor in the dark) made a wrong turn and landed in all i can say was a very large puddle in mid road, car splutterd to a halt , in mid puddle , shit what will ido now ? then out of the dark they appeard, in ther florecent car lights on full , ( morning sir ? haveing a bit a trouble are we, they said, oh have we had a few drinks sir ? ( No Not i ) i was in mid shake by then head legs the full monty,

You dont look too steady on your feet sir, can you explain why you are in this state? I have Parkinsons i said , both rolled ther eyes and off to the back of the police car i go, Blow in to the bag , , Not a single drop o booze was registerd , as i try to explain agin i fumbled and got out my little card which explains that i have PD and not a drunk, after a few more tense moments they help me retrive Laraines car and bid me good night, the moral of this story is i will not go to get petrol agine in middle of night, .

its now 2.33 am in Gartcosh and im goint to have anouther cup of tea

Good morning all


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  • Hello Al, It is evening here in Colorado. I am sorry to hear of your encounter. I commend you for being such a thoughtful husband,

  • Thanks, We Glaswegians are all thoughtfull and i did not want Laraine to get up any earlyer than she need to .

    Thanks Again for your kind words

    its 3.30 am here in Scotland Very wet and windy


  • My Gammy's kin are Broadfoots and Stuarts from Wigstown. Colorado is so dry.I think you are lucky to have a good Scots rain. Be well, your wife is a lucky woman.

  • awesome story...way to make the best of it!!

  • Now I want tea.

  • I am glad to know that I arm not the only person with PD who is up at all hours. I must admit that I do find this a great time to work on a hobby.

  • 3am is when I usually read and comment on this blog.

    Last night I was able to sleep...great feeling.

  • Glad you were able to sleep. Hope you can continue to rest in the night hours.

  • Guess it isn't working tonight. :)

  • 3 -this is something I don't understand about PD, why are we awake?

    Is it PD or the meds?

    I also might get to sleep for a couple of hours but then wake up and cannot get back to sleep. I'm not going to take medicine to get sleep.

  • Hi,

    Iv been awake for over36 hrs now and dont feel tierd, its a weird feeling



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