In your adult life, have you ever had a Helicobacter pylori infection?

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  • But I have had terrible reflux and eventually developed Barrett's esophagus.... Today I have Parkinson's and I believe there is a connection if not a correlation between the two.

  • I get reflux my doctor prescribed LANSOPRAZOLE 30mg once per day and it seems to keep it in check

  • I believe the recent theory that parkinsons forms in the gut and is transfered to the brain via the vagus nerve i,v always thought this was a possibility ever since i started having stomach problems i my 20,s

  • I always had tummy issues.Was diagnosed with IBS years ago

  • I believe constipation plays a roll. It seems PWP have typically encountered lifelong constipation. I was a bit shocked when my sister told me I should not need to push for a bowel movement. She said I should just release.

  • Interesting, there might b a connection, but this is the first I have heard about this theory.

  • But my Mother has and she doesn't have P.D.

  • To my knowledge, I've never been tested for any infections. Of those who answered no, I wonder if they have been tested. My daughter has just recently been diagnosed with an HP infection. Her doctor said that often a person doesn't even know they have one.

  • How can u tell if you have had,

  • I was hospitalized 1987 for bleeding duadinal ulcer, and my Dr. Tested me for Helicobacter pylori infection.

    In 1990 I was diagnosed with primary biliary chirossis (a rare liver desease)

    In 2009 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's

  • Why

  • I had for many years a stressed stomach and I could not tolerate animal-fat. That changed when I changed job. Now after 12 years of PS I have reflux, and take Somac 20mg every day

  • No, but I have missing receptors for b12 in the gut, which produce something called intrinsic factor. Auto-immune something or another, Causes neurological damage. Often wonder about this as there is a polyautoimmune syndrome in which doctors in Dundee identifired PD plus several other auto immune conditions coexist. I have three of them, plus a potential fourth. Just noting, not self diagnosin, ;)

    It is an interesting question! I presume you are looking at a transport system for alphasyn? Right now I am looking for a transport system for e. coli, which strictly speakiing should not turn up between my vertebrae, another transport issue. The argument is that there isn't one! We have a lot to learn!

  • I had at least 4 episodes of helibactor both before and after my diagnosis of Parkinsons. Now I have severe acid reflux. I firmly believe that there is a link between gut problems and Parkinsons. In fact, I asked this question some time ago and received a number of replies.

  • I think the connection is more just the "disrupted gut bacteria" and poor digestion in general -- and h. pylori is just one kind of bad bacteria that can overgrow when the good gut bacteria isn't in balance... What goes on in the gut impacts the brain on some level... and this is just one more way... My husband seems to do better (with his h. pylori level, at least) when he eats foods that have good bacteria in them... sauerkraut and other fermented veggies, kombucha, Bravo yogurt, etc.

  • I have had stomach problems for a long time. And last year had a terrible reaction to generic tablets. I was so sick and couldn't work out what was wrong. I had been on Somac for years and didn't even think about the generic tablets causing it. And haven't been good ever since.

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