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Does stress play a role in your flares?

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Tomorrow (Nov 3) is Stress Awareness Day.

It’s important to raise awareness on how stress affects those suffering from pancreatitis.

Does stress affect your flares? If so, how?

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Absolutely no question about it. If I'm under particular stress, I can feel a flare start, sometimes almost immediately.

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andyduudz in reply to Eric_MC

yehh me as well, I swell up round the stomach and adoman ,waist, area that much I cannot fasten my coat, and have to switch to wear my larger elastic waist jeans, and was even more stress, when the Jobcentre emailed me ,too attend a jobclub, or be sanctioned,

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Sorry to be late to the conversation.

YES!!! No doubt about it. I've ended up in the ER in many states because of stress. Our business involves auctions and the anxiety/excitement/adrenaline is pumping so hard & fast just before you get there. I've had attacks 3 times from that alone.

One year I ended up in the hospital with an attack from watching a football game! Waaayyy too anxious about a game. 😜

I don't think anyone can argue that stress is a major player in pc.

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