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Chronic Pancreatitis Support

Yesterdays Webinar on pain management.

Good morning everyone,

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone at Mission Cure and Christiana Wolf for this great online seminar and for HealthUnlocked for their part in sharing this great resource with us the members.

I personally don't suffer with pancreatitis or the associated pain that goes with it but I have had two friends who died young because of pancreatitis and seen its debilitating effect on their lifestyle so any support is welcome.

But I do suffer with ongoing pain issues that I use advanced relaxation methods to alleviate and I've learnt to relax and then perceive of the pain as energy and then focus on this energy. I've suffered with fibrositis since I was a teen and then had a bad bike crash where I injured my shoulders and this flares up regularly so I was very interested in this webinar.

I thought that Christiana came across so well and compassionately and I was so impressed I made lots of notes that resonated with me. Like knowing that we have shared negative emotions is empowering and overcomes the isolation that goes with these life long conditions. Eric was a perfect patient as well so they are a dynamic duo.

Another great point was to ask ourselves how about NOW because if we can deal with something now we can deal with it tomorrow its when we project into the future moving away from the now to speculation that our thinking goes haywire and we imagine we won't/can't cope!

And it's not what's happening its how react to what's happening is very profound and excellent guidance. (Its not what we see its how we see it)

One quote was kindness overcomes everything which's so true as kindness is seen by the blind heard by the deaf and felt by animals and we could do with a lot more kindness in the world.

So thank you all once again as I benefited enormously from this webinar and am grateful that I was invited. And hopefully I will be joining more as I see a valuable resource for all HU members.

Jerry. 😊

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Thank you for the feedback, Jerry! I'm glad you found Christiane's insight helpful. We have other great content coming down the pipeline so stay tuned!

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