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Intermittent jaundice

Hi All,

I've got a Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (rare blood cancer) which caused a blood clot in my portal vein and damage to my liver.

As a result, every few months I get really bad heartburn and feel unwell for a few days. But then it goes away and all is well.

However, a few weeks ago I got the heartburn but a few days later I ended up with jaundice for the first time. I went to my GP and ended up being admitted to hospital for a few days due to raised LFTs and high INR.

But whilst in hospital my jaundice started to disappear along with my stool colour and urine returning to normal.

I had another bout of indigestion a couple of weeks ago and my stool turned pale etc, but then returned to normal after 3-4 days.

My doc thinks it's related to gallstones as I had a CT scan & ultrasound in hospital and apart from a slightly inflamed pancreas there wasn't anything else detected apart from my enlarged spleen and damage to my liver.

I just wondered if it's fairly normal to get jaundice that comes and goes or could it be a bit more serious, like pancreatic cancer as I've read about painless obstructive jaundice?

I don't get searing pain that some get from gallstones, more of a minor nagging one in my back and feeling winded that keeps me awake.

Best regards


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Hi Mark

Have you been reviewed by a specialist about the clot in your portal vein? Are you currently receiving any treatment for your MPN?


Hi Pengi, I get regular blood tests regarding my Mpn and I'm also on hydroxycarbamide, along with clexane. My ALP and ALT remain high but my billirubin keeps going in and out of range.


If you are not seeing a liver doctor about the clot in your portal vein, perhaps your GP could refer you to one- are you in the UK?


Hi Pingi, I see the gastro doc every few months and was originally diagnosed with Cirrhosis. But they then did a fibro scan which give me the all clear. However, when I recently had another CT scan they again said I had cirrhosis. However, my own consultant thinks what they are seeing might be Nodular regenerative hyperplasia, which is still liver disease but not quite as bad.


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