Can being anaemic slow down jaundice showing on the skin and eyes?

Hello there, I have been having symptoms of dark urine and pale stools (sorry for the tmi) along with a dull stomach pain since the beginning of august which started as pain in my upper right abdomen. I wasn't eating well because i would feel too full and acid reflux but that has stopped for over two weeks i can eat like i used to which is weird! I did a blood test two weeks ago and I'm still waiting for a scan to see what it is. The blood test showed my cholestorol sugar levels, liver, amylase levels were normal but my ferritin and iron levels were so low meaning no double figures!

My doctor requested I take my iron supplements but I'm not sure if the anaemia is what has stopped it showing on my skin. I'm going to take them but is there a correlation between slow jaundice and anaemia meaning the jaundice is not showing on the skin because of the the low levels of haemoglobin? I just want to know what to prepare for.

Sorry for the long winded question.