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Upper stomach pain after Whipple

I'm 26 years old and had the Whipple procedure done May 23, 2016. So this following Monday will be 8 weeks postop.. My appetite is getting better every day, but I'm still having a sharp pain in my upper stomach, seems like a muscle spasms or cramps not sure, it hurts pretty regularly but also feels when I move a certain way it burns, anyone else have this issue? My husband is a health guro and he says its probably what I stated above and that they cut through all my muscles so they are going to hurt and feel different for several months.. The reason I also feel it's a muscle is because when I stretch out it hurts an pulls... In that exact spot

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I just wanted to give an update, I'am 12 weeks out of surgery an in my earlier post I had stated that I had been having bad upper belly pain, but I'm happy to say the pain has went away at the moment. I had been told by serveral nurse friends it was probably a build up of scar tissues an that it would either stretch its self out or I would have to go in for a surgery to relieve the tension. Well This last Saturday I caught a stomach bug an was throwing up, I was fine this next morning, and had no more belly pain, I seriously think from throwing up an my stomach muscles contracting the way they were stretched those muscles out an I have not had any pain since. Call me crazy but I'm so happy not to have he burning and pulling sensation in my upper belly anymore... At least for the moment being!


How fantastic Stacylane08 I am 64 and had a Whipple's on 8th December then commenced chemo on 5th February - I am still on Targin 20/10 and Endone as needed (thank heavens not often) but it did take a while to settle down and I still get twinges every now and then - I hope the cancer and pain stay gone Anne xxx


Thank you Anne. I go back to the doctor on Monday to my oncologist to see what the next step will be. Hopefully it's gone an the good Lord knows I need some good news in my life.

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I'm 10 weeks and still not great. Seems better then poof, ouch again, cramping and pain.


Thinking of you with hugs and the power of positive thought☺


My procedure was June 23rd, 2017. I'm experiencing what you mentioned. How are you now seeing as though it's a year later? Better I hope. Pain isn't fun


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