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i go to bed in pain. i hardly sleep as i have apneoa also, especially when stressed. i wake up in pain and pain rules my everyday life

i have high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and ichaemic heart disease. i have chronic arthritis caused by a genetic deformity in my feet of which i have regular debridements surgery.and asthma

im due for surgery this thursday but not sure if it will happen as ive got severe muscle spasm in my hips and back radiating across the chest, im getting a lot of stinging pain in my feet leading into my ankles and up to my thighs, which feels lumpy and tender to touch.

im on 5mg diazepam 3 times a day

dihydrocodeine 30mg four times a day

paracetamol if needed

rampril 10mg once a day

bu-trans 15mg patches

adizem 90mg twice a day

atorvastatin 40mg daily

doxazosin 4mg twice daily

natrilix 1.5mg daily

salamol and ventolin inhalers

i do not like or trust my gps as they always ask whats the matter with my feet . i have been suffering with my feet for 40 years!!!!!!! surely one day they will remember as i have a very rare genetic condition !

im willing to listen , try, experiment anything.......... my quality of life is extremely poor. i dont go out, if i do its in the car but i cant walk more than a 1oo yards. i cry constantly and now im finding i cant even wipe myown bum .......... this is the end for me, im only 54 but feel like a burden of 100

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Forgot to mention, there is a great bum-wiping gadget that may assist. it is a curved plastic wand which allows tissues to be fixed at one end, and then released. Seen on eBay. Rib


What is this bum-wiping gadget called. A number of people who attend carers together meetings would be very interested in obtaining such a device. If I have a name I could google for it.


I am sorry for the delay. Health got in the way. There are the following gadgets which come under the generic title "Personal Hygiene Aid", which may be of help: The Freedom Wand (which has 4 fingers), The EasyWipe, The Compact Easywipe, Folding Bottom Wiper,

The Easy Wipe is sold by most Healthcare product retailers. Often with their own name tagged onto the front of the title. Google will throw up pictures of these gadgets and lots of suppliers. HTH, Rib