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One thing we need to do is understand what causes our chronic pain, understand the problems that have caused our disability and pain. We can see how the joints are effected how the tendons work and we can begin to look at muscle groups that are effected and support our weary joints

Soft tissue problems that cause us pain let us know when something is wrong inside our bodies.

When we put all this together we begin too see what the body is going through and again we understand where the chronic pain is transmitting from down tendons ,Nerves and muscle groups

Generally I am always interested in the types of medications that we stuff down our throats, also all the contraindications that are caused by these commercial products, that cost so much, this allows us to take some control of our disabilities and understanding is power and puts a little bit more control in our hands even though our lives can be governed by them.

In the last I have also taken an interest in the treatments we need, if I do not understand something I will always ask, this makes those who are treating take a further look into the person that they are treating.

When in hospital we should always ask questions so we understand what they are going too do with us. Also we always should say thank you to those who are treating us, as very few patients or families aknowledge those who hold our treatments in their hands. We then become individuals and they can associate our problems and the person that is on the tip of the needle

All the best


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Hi Bob I would agree with you their is power in knowing our problem it certainly helps me deal with my pain

Kowledge and questions are a good combination. And occasionally those we ask get curious and delve into it on our behalf. And with their insight can investigate further than we can.


I like your comments. Have you learnt to observe yet. The doctors may think they know the answers, but unfortunately they are repeating a script that they maybe have picked up from the BMJ or the lancet or some other medical journal.

There is a technique called Mindfulness that is over 2500 years old. The Buddhists are very adept at it. The idea is that you learn to observe what is happening without interfering. This helps in the management of chronic conditions.

We are all different and we respond to treatment regrimes differently. So we need to observe and develop strategies that work for us and not what is convenient for the specialist who we happen to be seeing.


Hello John

When we visit doctors, nurses and consultants, it is us that is to blame if we do not ask questions about our condition We need to ask why,what is and how long and what to expect as if we fail to do that we end up not understanding what is going on in our bodies this gives each of us the power to understand what is going on in our disability, I understand mindfulness is still used today to assist patients to take more control over their health problems.

For a while now I feel that I should ask questions and get more out of the treatments that are offered to us and the contraindications that these chemicals that we have too take. Also it is only right that we understand what the doctors say to us, we need too ask questions knowledge is power.

All the best


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