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I'm reading but not up to many answers.


We all read these posts at different times, days.

I usually like to try and see that everyone gets a response - even if it's only to reassure, or acknowledge to, someone that they've been heard as I hate to see "no comments" after a post.

There are so many helpful people on here I like to think I can give something back.

I'm very low at the moment and I'm having to step back for a bit.



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I am sincere in my responses - it's not "ooh what a goody goody I am, everyone look!"


Mikeyyy1 in reply to hamble99b

Hello Sandra,

I'm just new on here and still trying to find my way around. I have only just read your post and wanted to say hello. There is more about me on my profile which gives my illness etc.

I really do understand how you feel at present, and want you to know you can always come and chat with me anytime

My best wishes


Sorry to hear you are not too good, I have been in my own "world" for the last few days. Keep your chin up and keep responding it really helps to know that our comments are being noted. Cheers

I hope you feel better soon. Sending love and very gentle hugs. Jane xx

Thank you for being so honest Sandra. I always appreciate your comments and I am sure others do too. I hope that you receive encouragement today. You deserve it!! More gentle e hugs. Carol xx

Hi Sandra99b I have been where you are it's a very dark place but with the help of my family and a good doctor I have come to terms with my disabillaty, and have moved on. I still get my bad days when the pain seems to bad and even with pacing it's no good it won't go away then I look at the news and hear about are brave men being killed trying to help another country fit for the people to live in, and I think yes I am ok I may nto be ok medically but I am alive and I will still see my family if not today it will be tomorrow so chin up Sandra you have time on you hands get a good book and chill out, what you don't do today will still be threr tomorrow. Take Care Colboy

Sandra, we all have to step back a while, it comes with the territory. I dip in and out of things in my life, sometimes wish I didn't have to, but energy, mood and body often decide for me. Looking forward to your messages when you are better. Take care and keep warm.


Life is so cruel when you are in pain If I can help or have suggestions I will always try and give encouragement regarding same. Some days are difficult for all of us and we like to hide from all our problems either phisically or mentally, You will always have some form of encouragement on these pages, so keep a hold Sandra many on this site will try and help if can

You gave me this in a blog so I am bouncing it back across space. I hope it helps you like it helped me. Read it believe it. X

Take an index finger

point it at yourself

say out loud

"You Are Special"

"However you are is ok"

"Whatever happens you are a survivor"

You have pain, IT doesn't have you!"

"Every day is an achievement."

"I am proud of you"

and..... relax

thankyou everyone, it means a lot, it really does.



I completely understand how you feel. I use the TV of and in the night as company and something to focus on. Last night I think I did every station twice and what I had recorded.

I just wanted something nice and have the ability of watching it as company but I did not want anything noisy or a story to follow.

I wanted something plain and simple to take my mind away from the pain,in the end I was so frustrated!

Any sence or am I mad.

Michelle 74


thanks Michelle, I know exactly what you mean. in fact, I could have written all you've just said myself.

thankyou :)

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