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Help me! Aching body!

Ok im new to this so bare with me,

Ok i have a bad back(I get pain through out my spine) and neck,hips and legs.. It started when i became pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago. On top of that now im getting aching through out my body, i wake up and my hands and feet ache and they feel weak..Its getting so bad i cant look after my daughter :( My doctors surgery is unless and i dont seem to be getting anywhere with them. Could this tiredness be from my back? Could it be maybe fibromaylia,m.e? I did have M.E as a child but my white cell count seems to be normal now. I was low in B12 i had injections and all seems to be normal there now. Also The other week when i was feeling ok i decided to run around the park with my daughter for only 5 minutes...bad idea! It took me 2 weeks to re-cover and a big bruise came up on my inner thigh. Its so bad i cant do any form of exercise even when i do light exercise the next day i wake up feeling like ive been hit by a train. If anyone has any idea what this is please help me..because i really cant handle this anymore. I cant work, i cant go out with friends..even a day out of shopping is out of the question :( Ok well hope to hear from someone soon and thanks for reading.

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Hi Sarahuk26

I would love to be able to give you some magical advice but, and it is a big but there is no advice anyone can give that will make it better. All you can do s to listen to everyone that gives you some advice and try it out for your self.

I was first diagnosed with cervical spondylosis when I was 27ish. I have tried over the last 35 years almost every type of herb and spice and miracle cure that has been mentioned to me as being of some good for pain and arthritis (I also have osteoarthritis of my skeleton it seems to me) I am now trying for the pain killing drug contest (at least that is what it seems like at times)

If it works for someone it may work for you so try the glucosamine the green tea etc. etc. as sometimes these do give some relief for a while and they have to be better than prescription drugs, so fight the heavy stuff for as long as you can, there is no shame in taking the drugs but my feelings on drugs are that if they help fine but if there is something else other than prescription drugs that help, it just has to be better for the body in the long term.

Sorry for going on but there are a lot of people out there with pain and they do help even if only for the knowledge of knowing you are not alone.

Kindest Regards


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Hi tettridge

nice to meet you and thank you for the advice. I know where your coming from, i can only help myself. I was a bit distressed when i wrote this question the other day, as ive had this on going mysterious pain and tiredness for quite some time and its completely destroying my life at the moment. but im just not getting any where with my doctors. And i shall try glucosamine & green tea. Currently all i have for pain relief is codiene.. which isnt great for the digestive system so i try to avoid it as much as possible. so would be good to find some natural alternatives. I really appreciate the advice and im sorry to hear about your illnesses and it is nice to know im not alone. Ive just joined up to this site and already im feeling a little bit better in myself knowing i can come here and talk to others in a similar situation as me.

Hi like tettride says, its a long game of suck it and see. Don't dispair, eventually you will have a few strategies that work some of the time and if used together make a reasonable most of the time. Look at reducing the pain not curing it, rarely is chronic pain cured. It just puts you in a better place mentally if you think about reducing the pain.

You are part way there as you know what sets it off and how bad it affects you the next day. This is where pacing comes in. Break tasks down into small units and rest between. Like washing, strip the bed and rest, put in machine and rest, hang out/put I. Dryer and rest, iron and rest. It may take you all day to do something but you are retraining your body and building up your stamina.

I know this will be difficult with a young child (I had 2 little ones when I started) and some tasks are impossible to fit in. But persevere with the ones you can do, get your daughter involved with some house chores make it a game.

Don't beat yourself up if it keeps failing in the beginning. It will fall into place. Try and reorganise your life to streamline it, like a simple basket at the bottom of the stairs and fill it with things that need to go back up. Then take something up when you go up rather than making an extra trip to put something away.

When you get into it, you can get quite creative. And it will ferl normal to you, and you will get much more donecin a day.

To me the interesting point is the bruise. Whether it be a result of exercise or a coincidence its worth exploring as it could be an indication of a blood disorder or one of the auto-immune diseases. Both would explain aching bones and resulting tiredness. If your white count is normal it can't be an infection in the bones. It doesn't sound like the nerves are involved.

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Hi zanna nice to meet you, i was in a bit of a mess the other day. But i have calmed down a bit now. It just makes it a thousand times worse knowing you have a child you have to look after and want to play with you and you just cant do it. And you dont even know why or whats wrong. But as you say, really no matter what it is i have to find coping skills. I have cut down housework to just doing what i can on the days i feel ok. I sort of know my limit. But not completely there yet. Also i do get my daughter in on the housework now that shes that little bit older, ive told her she will get pocket money for helping mummy round the house with little tasks. Is that slave labour? lol just kidding. And the bruise was definitely from the exercise, i often find little bruises on my body but i always thought i must have knocked myself and forgotten. But this bruise was one to remember, a big black and red one. I shall write this down about the auto-immune diseases and always blood disorder and speak to my doctor about it, it seems like i have to do there job for them. I did ring the nhs last night an spoke to a nurse and the lady suggested its chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as M.E which i actually had when i was a child but it disappeared when i was aged 10. So could possibly be that also, i dont really remember what it was like to have...all i remember was people telling me i looked ill! lol thank you for all the advice

You say that you had a bruise on your leg, and you did not mention what kind of medication you are taking. If you take anti inflamitries some will not suit you so the doctor will need too try differant ones Also if your white blood count is low this can cause your problem, This will need to be checked as blood tests need to be performed to see what the problem is. Ask the doctor if a TENS may be a good idea. GOOD LUCK

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Currently at the time i had no medication in my system. I do take anti inflamitries but i try to avoid them unless the pain is full on and unbearable. I have previously had my white cell count check and they said it came back normal. Previously i was low in B12 so i had injections. Then they said all was well again, But i did have M.E as a child from age 6-10 and then it just disappeared... im wondering if it could possibly be that. And i shall ask about TENS but i went to my doctors last week and he didnt even know what a repeat prescription was so i doubt i will have much luck but i will definitely ask! lol thank you for the advice its much appreciated!

I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. Hang in there.

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Thanks nedd

Hi Sarahuk26

Me again, I think all the advice is brilliant, and another idea is anaemia, you will really feel down with that, so ask your doctor for a blood test as having a baby can mess with your body in all sorts of ways.

One thing I feel you need to be aware of with this pain and tiredness thing is to try to keep the good and fun things in your life. It is easier to let the things we really enjoy slip because we think we can catch up with it later but before you know it it is to late and we can't catch up and that is another part of your life gone and it needs so much effort to regain it we sometimes never do, going for a walk with your daughter can be something that you used to enjoy but with the pain and tiredness it can quickly become a something scary, do not give in to it and do not let it rule your life totally.

Remember to keep doing the things you really enjoy and do not let that pain/tiredness beast take it away from you.

Hi Sarahuk26

Here's my advice having learnt the hard way:

- ask your Dr for a blood test for Coeliac Disease (ttg & enzyme blood test) - often this is confused with IBS or ME (how were you tested for this when you were younger?

- does anyone in yr family have an auto-immune disease eg thyroid? If so then it maybe likely you have coeliac disease which has the main symptoms of tiredness, bruising easily, bone ache, muscle spasms, foggy head, anemia, low Vit D, Low B12, low iron (ask for these to be tested via blood test too as they can all make you feel shite).

Have you ever had a back x-ray or MRI? Your symptoms may indicate a disc problem vs spinal problem - ask your Dr about this.

See these links for tips:

Also see:

Good luck - don't be fobbed off!

Hi Sarah, I really feel for you as I am in a similar situation. I am currently trying to manage on anti inflammatory's which don't help much to be honest and pain killers. My GP has decided it has gone on long enough and is now doing blood tests to check for inflammatory diseases and will then consider referral depending on results. Fibromyalgia has been mentioned also.

I am in my late 40's and have a little grandson and I do have bad days but have decided that although I hate taking pain killers I will take them when they are needed to help me enjoy what I need to do, I also do daily back exercises and walk which helps me feel better, most of the time at least. I do of course have down days, especially before my GP decided to pursue things further. Diagnosis may not ever help cure me but I think I will feel better knowing what I'm dealing with. I hope you get better days coming. Good luck x

Had another thought did you go back to the doctor about the bruising. Keep nagging them and don't feel guilty. If your last full blood count was not a recent one insist on another.

Pain is one thing but bruising is quite another. Good luck.

I feel you are suffering from anxiety just as much as back pain.

Learning to let go and be still will really help you. It takes time but

you can learn to be more mindful. When you are mindful and still,

you can just be here now. No future, no past just enjoy today and

make the best of what you have.

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