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Who has Plantar fasciitis?

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I hate having this, as it hurts loads when I get up in the morning and during the day.

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If you live in the USA I have a 4 friends who have bought an amazing natural hand made cream and has give them total relief.

I live in Australia and I can’t buy on line however the creator mails it direct to me and my friends .

I have Morton’s Neuroma and it has totally fixed my foot . I have 3 friends in Australia who use it for plantar fasciitis who have bought the cream and had great results also

Send me an email kester@aghequip.com.au

USA you can buy off her website.

I will get a photo and send it to you.

It’s also good for other nerve pain I have friends use it for sciatica , bursitis, all sorts of things it’s really incredible.

Message me in here once you have emailed me incase it goes to junk mail


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rabbits65 in reply to Shumbah

Sounds too good to be true !!! Is this cream very expensive . I have bad foot pain and sciatica .

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Shumbah in reply to rabbits65

I look it up today on USA website $49

I only use a very minimal amount

I bough 2 Jars in Hawaii and used them sparingly they lasted me about 20 months

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Batty1 in reply to Shumbah

Whats the name of the lotion?

Hiya My husband had this a few years back. The only thing that eventually worked is first thing in the morning before you get up you need to relieve the inflammation by rolling a frozen can wrapped in a tea towel (otherwise you'll get freezer burn lol) along the instep of your foot for a few minutes. We used a can of peas which we kept in the freezer overnight and then put back after using. It helps if someone else can get it out of the freezer for you so you can use it before you actually put your foot on the ground. Hope this help

I bought this, boots.com/boots-plantar-fas...

Good luck hope it works 🤞

Thankyou. I get a little exercise booklet with it. So I do them too.

First off you have to figure out why your getting plantar fasciitis is it the type of shoe your wearing or doing an activity without taking proper rest days or is it possible you developed a type of arthritis in your feet … I have psoriatic arthritis and YES it attacks my feet (tendons).

Lotions and potions are ok but they don’t address the underlying problems and you should stretch out your feet before getting out of bed.

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Lonely3190 in reply to Batty1

I am on my feet for nearly 10 hours a day.

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Batty1 in reply to Lonely3190

What type of shoe do you wear for the 10 hour a day job and do you replace them every few months? Shoes aren’t meant to be worn forever even months and have you ever tried to see a foot doctor maybe you need orthotics?

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Lonely3190 in reply to Batty1

I wear walking shoes. And I so replace them every few months. I am waiting to have some injections in my feet for it.

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Batty1 in reply to Lonely3190

Injections? Having cortisone injections in tendons is a risky venture and podiatrist don’t seem to inform patients of the risk…. It could damage your tendons in feet !

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Lonely3190 in reply to Batty1

He said it will hurt a lot for few seconds and then it will go.

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Batty1 in reply to Lonely3190

Of course it will hurt but has he told you the potential risk of injecting cortisone into a tendon? Obviously he hasn’t!

I suffered from this many years back. When I got up first thing in the morning, I almost had to crawl to go to the bathroom. First step: Go see a podiatrist. I was fitted for an orthotic - you may have to get a good pair of runners (like Asics) and remove their insole, replacing it with your orthotic. Then get a Strassburg sock. You wear it to bed - it pulls your toes towards you. Between these two, my plantar fasciitis was cured.

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Lonely3190 in reply to smg60

Thankyou. I will look into this.

It can hurt. You need to make sure you never walk around barefooted and that your shoes offer good support and always use an insert in your shoes. Remember flat = pain.

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Lonely3190 in reply to Amkoffee

I have made sure of these two.

Yes.. Had it in and off for years. Decent footwear usually helps. I never walk barefoot. Always wearing indoor or outdoor wear with cushioning and arch support. Good footwear generally costs.. annoying but it really can help either reduce pain or even shake it off.

I only switched onto this properly more recently. Maybe if I had early I may have saved a lot of pain.

It took a while to find a good indoor shoe/slipper but I’ve found one! For men and women. If you want details please let me know..

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