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Hello hope you are well and in enjoying the weather ☺️

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Hi Petrina_gmfc :)

This warmer weather is certainly helping with the joints. I've been enjoying eating some salads as well with the weather being nice. Unfortunately the sun seems to have gone back into hiding :(

I like this weather but I can't sit in it for long as my stomach starts playing up .

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BigYin81Administrator in reply to Petrina_gmfc

With the medication I am on I have to try and keep my skin covered or wear factor 50 sun lotion. If I have too much sun or heat I also get a sore tummy and feel a bit spaced out/dizzy. I enjoy the sun but have to be mindful of how much time I spend outside as well.

I like to get all my wash out the back to dry my younger son is working from home he takes the bag out the back so I can hang it out but he does that for me .

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