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De quervains tenosynovitis

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Hi folks hope your all well. I'm still waiting on news of my operation technically should have been next month but will have to wait longer due to the backlog I feel the amitriptyline was dulling the pain to start with but pain creeping up again so might need to move up a dose. Got videocall with Painmanagement next week. I've recovered from covid now thankfully but my niece still fighting for her life could I ask you all to say a little prayer for her x

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Hi Betsy,50. I have been taking amitriptyline for some years, for nerve damage as a result of intensive surgery. It’s only when I forget to take them that I notice the pain is still there, for me amitriptyline is a brilliant way to control my pain. Unfortunately the body can become use to the medications and thus become less effective. It may be that you need a pain review to have your pain medication re visited. They may suggest upping the amitriptyline or suggest something else or a combination of a few.

Pain control is a continuous journey and a very personal one. What works for one may not work for another and what did work for a while may gradually no longer be enough . But the best place to get help on that journey is with your pain management team. But don’t be afraid to tell them of any and all of your concerns as it’s only when they know everything that they can then suggest the best possible help for yourself. Whatever you decide to do my thought go with you for a speedy recovery.

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Hi silverbadger thanks for the reply. I've just recently changed back to amitriptyline instead of morphine it was great but last week I feel the pain rising so think I'll need to up the dose also take 2700 of gabapentin. Hope you are well

Hello Betsy50. I suffer from the same condition as you, I have had it for a couple of years now and my bone has gone from my thumb, mine was due to excessive lifting due to the nature of my job, I also have possible Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my wrist which is connected to the original condition. Make sure you haven't developed that too, I didn't know that you could have an operation for this condition. I know my wrist is being operated on eventually but I didn't know you could have it on your thumb too. I hope your niece recovers from Covid and she get's better soon with no lasting effects. xx

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Hi imagine 1 thanks for your reply. I fractured my wrist last April and it's been ongoing for a year the pain is horrendous!!! The mri scan showed the sheath is inflamed and very swollen trapping my tendons. Oh I sympathise for you it truly is awful I'll take note of everything you have said thank you for that. My niece off the ecmo machine now but still on a ventilator it's just been awful for the family. I'll keep you posted on what happens. Take care and be safe x

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Hi Betsy50, I have worked for many years, I loved my job but I have had to leave due to my thumb and wrist, I was due to get promoted too which I have always wanted. Luckily my new boss has kept my job open for when I get better. I recently got a new job and at the interview he was very pleased that he had found someone for the position and then I had to phone him to tell him that I couldn't take the job, luckily for me he wants me to work for him and is willing to wait. I just don't know how long it will be until I can work again, at the moment I am living off benefits which I have never done before and I hate it. You too take care.

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