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Head/ brain

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I suddenly got a sharp pain that lasted a few seconds in my head and went away last night. Since this morning it’s happening all day really really badly and suddenly. I couldn’t cope it was unbearable it comes n goes every Ted minutes and lasts for 3 seconds a shape stabbing pain in the side of my head. Then spread to my ear and jaw n head. Went a&e they simply sent me to triage and they did nothing at all except pain killers saying ur bluff pressure and all seems fine. Something is wrong and I can’t cope!

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It’s woken me up with a cough it’s really frightening now this is

I have similar pain. so I emphasize how painful it feels. They’re brief but intense attacks in the back of my head and/or side of my head. I think its occipital neuralgia, inflamed nerves.

I also get excruciating cerviogenic headaches, some of those last for days and no OTC medicine helps. Even after seeing a chiropractor, I still get them along with the brief attacks.

Sometimes I apply heat and/or cold but it doesn’t fully help. I’ve tried everything to massage and essential oil. So believe me, I get your frustration and pain. Hang in there!

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O gosh that sounds so similar! The intense attacks at the side of my head. I woke up during the night with a bad cough with really worried me. Took cocodamol during night so slept till late. At the moment my eyes feel so so heavy like I need to keep them closed. Why can that be?

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I don’t know unfortunately. But I do have neuropathy. Yet these head attacks are different from the burning pain I’d get in my face and/or tingling/ numbing and shocks. Also when neurologist diagnosed me w/ neuropathy he didn’t do nerve test. But I’ve had tingling and numbing for years, then came electric shocks and burning, and I had absent reflexes. The nerve supplements helped those symptoms but not the bad attacks

Whatever these brief, sometimes unbearable pains in my head are, I don’t know. I truly am disgusted how so many doctors don’t look at more options or just say it’s in your head. But it literally is in my head. 😊

Clearly we can't diagnose here, but as klutzy has mentioned, this could be a nerve problem.

We don't actually feel the pain that is in our bodies, the nerves send a signal to our brains, then our brains process it and give a best guess as to where the pain is. Sometimes it gets it right, sometimes it doesn't.

But additionally, there are loads of nerves in our neck and face, and if one of them is irritated for some reason, it can make it look like it is coming from another nerve. All the nerves can be really close together. So you might have pain in the side of your head, when that pain is being caused by a nerve further down your face or neck.

I would call your GP surgery and discuss it with them. A&E is for life threatening things, so they have eliminated that, time to ask for an urgent, not routine, appointment with your GP to discuss the next steps to take.

Have you thought whether it could be shingles, I have got it at the moment, have you got a rash at all, is it just down 1 side, this is a really painful condition the stabbing is like electric shocks!

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