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Hi, For many years I have suffered with spinal stenosis and tried various pain killers and anti-inflammatory with not much success and I have eventually secured an appointment with pain management to discuss my suitability for a medial branch block. Has anyone else had any experience of this?

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Grab it with both hands .I’ve had continued lower back pain for over 30yrs, from osteoarthritis . when added to my Psoriatic arthritis it was bad , as in 17 out of 10 bad. In March I had RFA, Radio Frequency Abalation. , on my lower back . Look it up , it looks like I was being jump started and yes it’s sore afterwards for a few days cos the needles are long and the local anaesthetic goes in deep but OMG the result is brilliant. Yes I still have back pain cos my spine is beggared but it no longer is so bad I want to be sick just by standing long enough to wash my hands. I’d say my pain has reduced by at least 45% & that makes life more bearable . Best of luck 😘😘

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Thank you Phillylou for taking the time to give me some advice. I must admit that although the treatment sounds great I am feeling slightly anxious as it is so invasive. I'll see what the consultant, who I've never met says. x

DO IT. If it hadn't have been for this treatment over the past 20 years I wouldn't be mobile.

Yes I have had that done twice. Last time was Oct last year. It did really help so I would say yes ! It is not as invasive as you think. Depending on how many levels you have done it lasts from 20 to 45 minutes. Stay for a bit afterwards and then go home. You feel much better the day after.

I wouldn’t do that it will make it worse in the long run don’t let any of those wacko drs mess with you just take natural remedies instead even turmeric is a pain killer along with Borage oil then theirs CBD nature has thousands of natural pain relievers it’s just the doctors have lost touch with nature and they don’t know anymore because their specialities are profit before people. I have spinal stenosis and a spinal injury the doctors told me not to go for metal rods in my back because they make more mistakes than heal patients.

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1vern0n in reply to Heman69

Hi Herman69, I understand where you are coming from because for over ten years I have tried to deal with the problem using holistic measures such as turmeric, cbd oil and acupuncture. However my pain levels are such that I need medical intervention without too much invasion. The consultant who I spoke with today was very reassuring and was prepared to investigate further before making any decisions, so once I have all the facts then I will be in a position to decide the best way forward for me.

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Heman69 in reply to 1vern0n

Ok good luck hope it works for you.

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1vern0n in reply to Heman69

Thank you.

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Looks like there has been a few positive replies and one not so sure by Heman69

All views and opinions are great to hear and share. We ask though that any treatments are backed up by sources etc. There are a lot of people that benefit from natural/herbal medications but unfortunately these aren’t recognised by most health care professionals as there hasn’t been studies done into their effectiveness and don’t appear in the prescribing guidelines NHS staff need to abide by.

My recommendation is to talk it over with your consultant and don’t be scared to ask whatever is on your mind. If you don’t understand something ask them to explain it or write it down. You can always take someone with you as well. It can be very hard to remember and ask everything you want to if you are in pain.

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Thank you BigYin81 for replying as with everyone else I appreciate and welcome different opinions and experiences. The consultant I spoke with today had great listening skills and gave me a lot of time so I could explain the problems I have had over the last 30 years with my back. He is going to explore which treatment would be better for me and he made me feel much better for understanding my situation and taking on-board what preventative measures I have previously taken. So, onwards and upwards (watch this space haha)

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