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Can anyone recommend any of the pain machines out there if they work or not

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Hi June tens machine do help a touch I have 2 I use one on my leg and one on my shoulder try relax with music on when I put them but I do find meditation helps also plus I take lots of different pain killers.

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ZeN01 in reply to Crystal-ice

Hi June I have chronic back pain which effects my back neck legs etc, I do get some relief from TENs Machine I have had mine quite a while it does not get rid of the pain but while I use it Yes brilliant Headphones on some good music and for that short while its great I purchased mine from LLoyds and would not be with out it along with Meds etc

My husband bought a Tens machine several years ago to see if it would ease his chronic back pain. Unfortunately it didn't help him at all.

I have a Tens machine which is some help.Far better for me is something called a Pain pen. Got mine from Amazon. Is shaped like a pen and place onto part of body that hurts. Sends small current like tens machine at that area. Some you have to keep switching on/off @£20 or some only have to press once around £45. I prefer the more expensive one because I use it on my back so cheaper one impractical.

It really helps with my chronic sciatica.

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June456676 in reply to Bevvy

Thank you

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June456676 in reply to Bevvy


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Crystal-ice in reply to Bevvy

That sounds a very good item to have more practical than a tens machine what a good find 👍

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Bevvy in reply to Crystal-ice

Was recommended by a friend who unable to take any pain medications. I was in absolute agony when first used it. Pain meds not touching the pain. Used for first time and almost straight afterwards fell asleep for 20 mins!!

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Nettekin in reply to Bevvy

Hi bevvy. Just had a look on Amazon, and wondered if the pen you use is the one you have to keep clicking, or the one you only click once? Sounds like a great find. Looking for non medication solutions to degenerative disc issues. X

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Bevvy in reply to Nettekin

I use the one you only click once. It is more expensive but I believe the other one isn’t as helpful especially if have pain in back. Wouldn’t be able to keep in place and keep clicking. Someone else would have to do that for you!!

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Nettekin in reply to Bevvy

Thanks for your help bevby! Will give it a try! X

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Nettekin in reply to Nettekin

Sorry, Bevvy!!!! X

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F3dup in reply to Bevvy

I’ve met one or two people had good results with the pen Worth trying and less harm than pills

Hi.I use a MEDICURE machine. It’s the size of a cigarette box. It gives off pulsed electro magnetic field Frequencies. I have used it every day and night for past 30 years on various parts of my body and it does help to release some pain. A company called sell this.I could not manage my spinal pain without it.

Hi June, pain concern have an information leaflet which looks at TENS machines for pain relief, which might be of some interest to you, it can be found here: We also have a podcast episode which covers TENS pain machines which you may like to listen to, it can be found here:

Hi in the past I had many tens machines some better than others but the best advice I can give is to experiment with various settings not just the level but the type of frequency because of damaged nerves through several ops they fitted me with a snap cord stimulator it does more or less the same but as I say give each setting time for your body to react don’t be tempted to have it to high it can have an adverse effect sorry one last positioning the pads is just as much try and error

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