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Pain to much today


I can't cope with the Pain ant tips

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What are you taking for your pain , I take pregabilin and kapake for my nerve pain , why don't you ask your GP. Clive x 🤗

Horneyget in reply to Littleboy

Co codamol / gabapentin / tramadol /pramipexol/sinvastatin and loads more to many to put down

Horneyget in reply to Horneyget

I feel a bit better today Clive as its good to talk to other people as I have no family or partner he did not understand he just wanted to go out all the time when your in pain I can't be bothered are you the same

Bevvy in reply to Horneyget

When I’m in crisis from pain it’s not a question of I can’t be bothered to go out. I physically can’t go out. At times even walking to bathroom or kitchen is just too much - I live in a very small flat!Pain is difficult because other people can’t see it so no idea how bad it can be 😔

rabbits65 in reply to Bevvy

I do completely agree with you Bevvy , no one knows what another one suffers , from Penny

I hear that. Today is one of those days for me, I painted a kitchen & living room ceiling yesterday and now I can not walk or get up. Going from bed to bathroom is like being stabbed in the back with knives. I just took Naproxen, tylenol, and eying the left over Tramadol I save for "special occasions". Tramadol makes me so spacey and out if it, I hate it. It seems like I get a flare up if I get too cocky with DIY stuff, I leYs end up paying for it with Big Pain.

Sounds like you did way too much in one go! Maybe next time just do one ceiling..... pace yourself.

I thought I was pacing myself, I still have to paint ceiling in Master bedroom. Ughhhh. Trying to get my house ready for sale and my back and fingers are slowing me down every step of the way. My next place Will Not be a fixer upper. Getting too old for this and my body is telling me so. My cats are not helping, I saw one has paint on his tail 😄

Ceilings are very difficult to do.Afraid my decorating days are over. Just wouldn’t cope with it. I pay to have someone do it for me.

Had a dog who walked straight through a paint tray in an otherwise empty room!! Pets can be such fun!!! Lol.

abellemed in reply to Bevvy

Agree, as my son (45) who is temporarily living with me, doesn't realise what the pain I endure stops me from doing. He, too, has no idea of the dread I feel about getting out of bed, putting on tights etc or even getting to the bathroom in the mornings. No-one else can believe how much pain we hide, just to make ourselves seem able to do things they formerly expected us to do before.

abellemed in reply to Horneyget

My son gets fed up with me blaming my back pain from stopping me doing things I used to. I do go on a bit, but he is the only one living with me and who I can moan to. Wish I could stop myself but sometimes it is so frustrating to be well in every other aspect of my life at 76 and find myself unable to dig the garden/weeding etc without experiencing acute stabbing pain in right lower spine due to severe spinal stenosis. I'm awaiting radio-frequency ablation of spinal nerves but due to Covid and NHS waiting lists I'm living like a useless zombie. I even dread getting out of bed in the morning as it means another agonising trip to the bathroom, holding onto furniture on the way and another day of trying to do things which the sheer pain often stops me from. I'm on dihydrocodeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen 3 times a day but that doesn't seem to help much.

I sympathise with your problems but can't offer any answers except to pace yourself, not feel guilty about your pain and keep moaning to yourself (or the cat/dog) and let it all out that way!

(BTW, my son says he has now developed back pain himself, but still managed to move a garden shed today and lay slabs for it, so can't be in as much pain as I am, however I've made him cups of tea and offered him some paracetamol!)

Hi - What is your medical condition?

Hi there mate! I hope you’re doing alright now and I can’t say I’m an expert in terms of tablets but I can sympathise with what you’re saying and I’ve found that distraction is a key part of it and I have music/tv on 24/7 as it helps so much. If that’s not your cup of tv then perhaps something along the lines of puzzles or games which stimulate you. I have also found that writing (whether about the pain or not) helps and one of the most curious studies I was told about was one about a group who had some biopsies and some wrote about it and others didn’t and the ones who wrote physically healed faster; obviously a different thing I imagine but just shows the amazing power of the mind. Remember you’re not alone in this and that you have my most sincere wishes the pain is more bearable today.

I do commiserate with you, I find if I take Tramadol along with paracetamolI do get periods is bearable pain. Also I (block my mind) by crosswords, reading and television

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