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Tongue pain.


Hey guys.

I have this weird burning painful sensation all over my tongue. Iv only realised today that in the middle ish of my tongue I have a very small lump which is causing the pain. Pain killer sometimes helps but it literally hurts all the time for the past god knows how long.. does anyone have any idea what this could possibly be my dr is absolutely useless 😞 xx

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Dear Littleone88,

My 'Gut Feeling' is that you Get This Checked Out Further. I would go back, to your (useless) Doctor and ask, politely demand, a referal to a Specialist. I'm especially 'worried', because your pain is only 'Reduced'- and then only Temporarily- by pain killers, and this is Long Standing. Ok this Could be 'Only' a Trapped Nerve, or similar, but......

Did/ have you, in any way, 'Hurt' your hand- even sometime prior to this pain starting? I only ask because I had a Kidney Transplant, way back in July 2013, and after about a year I had 'Strange' Sensations begin, around the Scar Site. (This IS actually 'quite normal', from all reports, and I have avised this to 'other' worried Recipients.)

In conclusion, DO try to get this 'Checked Out' Littleone88, Do go Back to your GP, DO 'stand up' for yourself.... DON'T EVER be 'Rude', 'Crude' or Impolite. (I don't know if you are Male, or Female, but if a 'girl' a few Tears wouldn't 'Hurt' either.)

Can you let Us Know, please Littleone88? In the men time, all our Thoughts are with you.


Littleone88 in reply to AndrewT

Thank you Andrew. I am a female 😊 I emailed the dr surgery again last night hopefully they will call me today and discuss it further with me. It is worrying.

And it’s painful. It’s not nice to be taken painkiller to survive the day.

Many thanks I will keep u informed. X

I have exactly this!! It states five weeks ago now and constantly feels burnt. I have the drs today for a blood test to rule out any vitamin deficiency. Will keep you posted.

Littleone88 in reply to Leigh37

Yes that’s how mine feels too. Burnt and sore. I had the blood test for tht and all came back normal. I emailed drs last night so hopefully will receive a call today 😞

Leigh37 in reply to Littleone88

It’s a weird one isn’t it. Today my lips are also swollen. I’ve tried different toothpastes just in case it’s some kind of allergy. The dr did ask if I had experienced any covid symptoms but I’ve had nothing. I’ve upped my vitamins too just in case it’s that but I’m a bit at a loss for now about it all.

Littleone88 in reply to Leigh37

Yeah I changed toothpaste to see if that helped. And mouth washes.

I had a covid test was neg . I’m at a loss too. Have a dr calling today hopefully be more helpful!! Sick of sitting in pain wondering what is happening x

Leigh37 in reply to Littleone88

Good luck and keep me posted. Blood test today but I very much doubt they ll be anything showing. X

Littleone88 in reply to Leigh37

Good luck. Fingers crossed for u 🤞🏼


Amkoffee in reply to Leigh37

You may have burning mouth syndrome

I start thought is ORAL THRUSH.

Do you use a steroid inhaler? Like a pink or purple inhaler for asthma/COPD..

I had to stop using them due to this all the time.

Do you find spicy food is like chewing glass?

Defo see your Dr tho.

Amkoffee in reply to Macblank

I have a chronic problem with thrush too. And I use a steroid inhaler. But I brush and rinse my mouth thoroughly after every use. I can not breath without my inhaler and frankly I don't believe that it's causing my problem. I have something called Sjogren's syndrome and I believe that is what's causing my chronic thrush. So my ENT has me taking thrush medicine everyday to avoid getting thrush.

Macblank in reply to Amkoffee

You obvs haven't read the side effect then.

Amkoffee in reply to Macblank

You don't even know what I take so why are you being so rude saying I "obv" haven't read the side effects.

Littleone88 in reply to Macblank

Hey, no I don’t use inhalers,

Ermm I don’t eat spicy foods cos I have acid reflux. So avoid tht anyways. But I have found Sometimes I do feel like I’m chewing glass. Or it’s just tht painful it feels as though I have been chewing glass.

I been wearing a mouth guard at night and I have so many teeth marks in it when I wake unsure if I’m chewing my own tongue 😞

Amkoffee in reply to Littleone88

How do you clean your mouth guard? You should use an antibacterial soap on it rather then toothpaste.

Have you thought to see what your Dentist says?

Littleone88 in reply to AML80

My dr is booking me in to see it. If that fails I will go to the dentist x

Yes it’s probably burning tongue syndrome which antibiotics can give you! Mine was sulphur! Get referral to ears nose and throat! There is nothing for it they said but I found a made up compound called Duo Celloids hope this helps

Thank you. Will see if I can get referred. My drs told me to go dentist which I was going to ring today x

GERD can cause sores and burning in the mouth. Mine was diagnosed 25 years ago and in fact was found to be Stage 1 esophagitis. I had bumps and ulcerations in my mouth. I had sores in my nose constantly. With my GERD I did not have classic symptoms. I didn’t have heartburn. I did eventually start throwing up stomach acid. During this time I developed severe asthma. I was sent to a pulmonologist who did quite a few tests. He saw on my medical history that I had been having issues throwing up stomach acid. He said he thought my asthma was being affected by my stomach and referred me to a gastroenterologist. The Gastro dr did a scope and found stage 1 esophagitis and confirmed that I had GERD and irritable bowel syndrome. I was told the sores in my mouth and nose were from GERD because the fumes from the stomach acid were as strong as a car battery. Hope this information helps.

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