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Inner Thigh Pain

Not sure exactly what this is a sign of. I am having inner thigh pain. It is unrelating to any muscles or bones. My thigh has 2 irritated small strips of irritated skin. It looks like a bump but a thin stretched of irritation. Its not itchy nor white and oozy. It just hurts when something rubs against it. I have recently been working out. When I wear a certain pair of jeans it gets worse. I dont have sex. I have had oral sex once and was tested for everything and it came back neg. so what could be causing his pain... 2 bumps on each leg. Both areas seem irritated.

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We are not doctors here so we can't diagnose anything, but think about what you have said. You have a bit of skin that is irritated when something rubs against it. So try making sure that nothing rubs against it for a few days and see if it gets better. It is what doctors call 'watch and wait'. Yes, that is a real thing! Because sometimes you can't tell what something is, and while you are wondering, it gets better, which confirms the diagnosis, which in this case may well be simple skin irritation.

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