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Told to make a referral to physiotherapist


I am 30 years old and been having back pain for 2 years now.

It is starting to get me down, I feel unmotivated to do anything and sick of it...

My lower back hurts, painful after sitting down, lifting heavy weights and throwing, squatting.

When I lie down, the upper part hurts more.

I get numb feeling in my back that goes on and off, sometimes my leg, backside and arms feel tired.

When I walk, doing the hoovering etc. my back feels weird, like stiff also numbness in my back and under my foot and pressure in my nose inside the head that' hard to explain.

Sometimes the pain in my back moves down to my leg, either left or right, although sometimes that comes from another pain in my lower left side abdomen.

I feel clicking somewhere in the middle of my back when i move my knee towards my chin or head when trying to copy exercises on YouTube.

This started after a sort of wave or attack I had 2 years ago where I felt faint, pressure in the head and pins and needles all over.

Since then been getting all sort of confusing and never ending symptoms, including fatigue tiredness anxiety and depression.

I haven't had another wave of whatever that was yet.

I already been referred by my gp during the last appointment last month to see a gastroenterologist about my lower left side pain and blood in stool I had once, which he thinks is nothing serious...

My gp did a physical examination, she told me my leg and arm are fine. My back muscles seem tight and that there is nothing she can do about that.

She has told me I can make a self-referral to a physiotherapist.

What should I expect when I see the physiotherapist?

If the physiotherapist think it may be something else will they be able to make a referral?

Should I stick with my other referral first?

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Hi sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I am wondering if you have had a CT scan of the Sacral spine or an MRI. From my experience I wouldn't go to a physiotherapist, or any other exercise program until you know what's wrong.

Wishing you all the best. Lola

JtimmyT in reply to Lolarufus123

Thanks for your advice, I'll make another appointment with the GP. Maybe a different one there's only 2 where I live.

Are physiotherapists able to tell from what you describe whether it needs more tests i.e scans from another specialist or make referrals if they think something else may be causing the problem before going through some exercise program?

Lolarufus123 in reply to JtimmyT

Not from my experience. There is always a report from the radiologist when you have a CAT scan or MRI

The physio reads the report and then decides what exercise program you need. Good luck

For lower back pain NICE recommends chiropractic treatment. It is also worth while seeing an Alexander Teacher. You could be doing the exercises you are doing in an incorrect way. AN NHS physio is one size fits all. Am Alexander Teacher will help you become aware of how to do exercises so that you can do them with reduced discomfort.

Sorry to read of your ongoing problems. Have you had any scans?

I think I would go to a chiropractor although of course for that you would need to pay privately.

Could someone help with cleaning for a while? I find the vacuum painful on my hands shoulders and hips. I would stop the weights, throwing, squatting and other exercises to give myself time to recover but go for a good walk instead.

As to the blood in your stool - did your GP take blood tests to rule out any problems, waiting times for GI is long.

JtimmyT in reply to butterflyEi

Hi, no I haven't had any scans. The GP wasn't too concerned about it. She just did some physical examination like feeling my back, tapping the knee and arm.

She associated with anxiety. Which I am managing.

She couldn't explain the pins and needles I get in my head that sometimes trigger burning or nervy/tingly feeling that travels down my back, shoulders and arms.

Ever since I had some scary pins and needles all over and feeling faint two years ago, I been getting multiple symptoms.

Blood tests always normal

I haven't had another of that.

Had a blood test and stool test as well, blood test was normal.

The stool test, the doctor didn't think it was serious but wanted to make a referral to a gastroenterologist.

I don't always do the cleaning, or do any exercises, I meant carrying heavy things at work.

My back doesn't always hurt, its mostly numb uncomfortable feeling below the feet back and behind the nose.

I get it with driving too, I use a cushion to press on my lower back when driving though.

Do they not have chiropractor through the NHS?

butterflyEi in reply to JtimmyT

You could ask your surgery but in my experience chiropractors are in the private sector. sorry not to be of more help

JtimmyT in reply to butterflyEi

Ah ok, thank you for your advice.

Sorry to hear about your pain. Several things jump out at me. The 'clicking' in the back when trying to copy youtube videos. !

Watching a video and attempting to copy what is happening on screen is likely going to cause problems. Problem 1 : Your body will be angled wrongly for the exercise because of the need to watch the screen. problem 2 : the person on screen is likely more flexible/ fitter/ more practiced at the movements being made. Are you trying these things despite your ongoing back difficulties ?

You mention lifting heavy weights and squatting ? Is this for work or leisure ? Either way you should not be doing it until you get to the bottom of your problems and reduce the inflammation and swelling in the various parts of your body.

Go to see a physio or a chiropractor ( get recommendations before choosing one) as soon as you can but in the meantime bin the big weights and the youtube. Think about your posture when you are sitting and standing. Maybe lie on your side if lying on your back aggravates the pain. Go for walks everyday to keep up fitness but only walk to where it hurts a tiny bit, not a lot.

A Tens machine can relieve lower back pain to an extent as can using ice to reduce swelling.

All the best and update the forum once you have had some professional advice.


JtimmyT in reply to deejames

Hi, thanks for your advice.

I don't do much exercises like before, when I did copy them I memorize what I see rather than looking while doing it.

As for lifting heavy weights, I work on a farm, sometimes I lift heavy things. and squatting I meant like sitting in a squat position when doing something i.e painting.

I use a chair or something to sit nowadays. Helps a little.

deejames in reply to JtimmyT

From what I have observed lifting and squatting can easily be behind much back pain. Even if you are using good technique you might have fallen into bad habits like bending your knees in during a squat or splaying your legs as you lift. Easy to do when in a hurry or distracted. Over time these can easily lead to twisted muscles etc.

Do see a chiropractor jtimmyT but do your research first and speak to other people about who they would recommend. My chiro is a marvel and has guided and supported me through many a crisis.


I have curvature of the spine and in constant pain. 4 Years ago I saw a Spinologist. He said NO VACUUMING! Too much pressure on spine.I can't have spine op as too risky and am 71.I think, for a person with your problems, you should not be doing all that you describe. You have been given a lot of helpful info, by the others.

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