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Is Teve brand pregabalin effective in treating peripheral neuropathy? Anyone tried?. I did not get on with Teva levo and wondered if all Teva products suspect.

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Hi foxglove. Pregabilin is good for neuro pain I take maximum dose but as you know it effects everyone different gabberpentin is similar from same drug family

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Hi and thanks, been to doc. today and had pregabalin increased to 100 mg which doc. says is still a low dose, can be taken up to 600mg. How much are you on?

Hi foxglove, I'm on 300mg twice a day wish there was another alternative my body head to toe is hypersensitive and a lot worse in winter I have to wear thermal gear to try and keep warm x

The medication is prescribed for your condition, if you are taking a Generic medication the active drug is generally much the same, the only difference may be various packing ingredients in the drug itself. You need to understand the generic can be a great bit cheaper than the original medication. The only main difference it is manufactured by a different company who have waited until the original company has lost its Patent, however on some occasions the drug company can change the patent ever so slightly and that can prevent the generic from being made. For example Gaviscom does something like that before the old patent runs out, it may be a very small difference.

Some people say they can tell the difference, the drugs I take, several are generic I have found no real difference. They are cheaper and it means the hospital or surgery reduces it drugs bill.

Another thing also happens these days, GPs will purchase medications from different countries, sometimes the drugs are cheaper than here, there are fluctuations in price. The colour of the drug skin may be different. and some patients may get confused by a different colour. That confuses me sometimes and m Wife who looks after my medications. So nothing is that straight forward when it comes down to what you cram down your throat


Spot on! My wonderful pharmacist told me that this week.

I have had a stroke which has left me, like some others who have replied to you with chronic pain down one side of my body which is like someone pouring boiling water down me and slashing me with a knife. Pregabalin did nothing for me at all and made we put on heaps of weight. I was on Lyrica. Since coming off have lost 1 1/2 stone. It did not work for me but it must work for others. Good luck. Off to see neurologist today to talk over some alternatives.

Yes I have tried. Good result.

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To all who have kindly replied MUCH THANKS!

Hi foxglove pregablin never worked for me an I was on 600mg. Yet I was put on gabapentin 600mg and it helps me no end with my peripheral neuropathy. I'm still in pain but I can deal with it, where as I couldn't before.

Thanks, just started the increased dose (50mg twice daily) doc. tells me it is still a low dose but fingers crossed.... I'll give it a go!

I am just about to switch from gabapentin to pregablin not through choice. I agreed to see the pain consultant as I am in hospital with a severe infectous leg ulcers which go all the way round my lower leg.

I am currently on fentanyl 75mg, oramorph 10ml every 2 hours as and when I need it, tramadol 3 daily, gabapentin 3 x300mg 3 times a day plus entonox for when they are re dressing my ulcers. Most of this apart from the fentanyl patches have been changed since I have been in hospital because I am in so much pain a. On Friday this pain consultant comes to my bed and draws the curtains then un hooks the entonox and takes it away, which as I also suffer from anxiety and depression gave me a panic attack which I told her and eventually when I repeatedly asked for the entonox to be returned and for her to leave she returned it so I could see it but it was out of my reach she talked about changing my medication to pregablin from gabapentin and my morphine based medication to ocicotin I think that is how you spell it starting on Monday switching everything which considering the state I was in I am worried that it is too quick to change everything without it having some side effects and I won't know which one is causing it. Has anyone else done this

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Sympathy for all your having to endure Trying the changes is all you can do but agree best to do the way you suggest so as you know how each affects. My change isn't much compared with you and thankfully don't have your probs. That doesn't mean I'm problem free...just different. Take care and be as kind to YOU as possible. Regards

Thanks for that I am seeing her tomorrow and I want to suggest this with the reasons especially as I have reaction to loads creams and medication in the past. I also have lymphoedema and lipoedema and some drugs can make the conditions worse

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Good luck!

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