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We are looking for more people with chronic pain (any condition) to help us with our study on bodily changes in chronic pain. Can YOU help?


We, a chronic pain research team from the University of Bath, are running a survey about bodily changes and sensations in people with chronic pain.

Changes in the way the body functions, our sensations, and our moods happen over our lives for all sorts of reasons. We are interested in whether there are any differences in such changes in people who live with chronic pain compared to those who don’t. This could help us to better understand chronic pain and how to help those who live with it.

This survey is for people who live with chronic pain (any condition, including CRPS, fibromyalgia, etc.) AND people who do not live with chronic pain.

You can find the survey here: bathpsychology.eu.qualtrics...

Thank you for your time!

Dr. Antonia ten Brink

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Hi there. My pain is under control I would like it to be better I have cervical myelopathy it took nearly 20yrs to get a correct diagnosis I take pregabilin, kapake, for pain I have alot of neurological issues

Im onboard.. Ive been suffering since 1994 with chronic pain.Anything I can do to make more people aware of what "chronic pain" is and what patients deal with on a 24/7 basis I will be the first to help. I was put on hundreds of meds for 20 plus years and all it did was make more medical problems.Im all for alternative medical solutions.Its also about helping get rid of our opioid crisis!

Thank you for sharing!

I have fibromyalgia and have filled out your survey as best I can. Hope it helps. x

Well! You've come to the right place then!!

I avoid questions concerning level of pain. So cannot do your survey.

Have you contacted Pain Concern for this.

Has permission be given to approach people on site


Wished I was from here,I would gladly do it. But I guess I won't be because I'm in America and they don't have any one doing anything here. I wish they would. Love susiejo1948

It does not matter in which country you are, as long as you understand English. Multiple people from America have filled it in already.

I would not sign up to anything online unless it has been officially validated and unfortunately your link shows no sign of that?

CRPSresearcher in reply to Xene

Hi there! It is very good to not trust everything on the web and you should feel comfortable filling it in. All I can tell you is that the questions are carefully chosen to address specific research questions and hypotheses, so it is not an existing questionnaire (and therefore not validated). The study itself has approval from the ethical committee of Bath University. In addition, the research is preregistered. I hope that is enough information!

Xene in reply to CRPSresearcher

Not really! I also notice that there have been no replies on the other three forums you posted in! Maybe others are also suspicious? However had your request been validated by the owners of these forums I’m sure the response would be greater!

your survey is not working properly.

Hello, thank you for trying to fill it in, and sorry that it seems not to work. What exactly goes wrong?

We have had great responses, thank you a lot for your help!

We are still looking for people without chronic pain to fill in the survey. It would be a great help if people who read this forum know someone without chronic pain who is willing to fill in the survey. Eventually, this will help us learn more about chronic pain.

The link to the survey is the same:


Thank you again,

Dr Antonia ten Brink

What do I have to do? AS i am in so much exteeme chronic pain i can not function!!

Actually i am in to much pain to help with research. Cry an scream alone in my room a can not get help and in need of a urgently need. My life is hell an no one will help me. NHS are extremely neglectful with people that can not fully function to explain everthing they are going through and who feel they will not be listened to!! thats why so many people take their own lives!! Sorry but seen it happen to many time. x

I am so sorry to hear that. That must be awful and very frustrating.

I have CRPS which affects most of my body now. I have been in chronic pain since 1978. There seems to be a dubiety over my GPs diagnoses. Getting to a Pain Clinic is not possible up here (near Inverness). I have been to Aberdeen once and attended the Scottish National Pain Management Programme in Glasgow. I have set up a chronic pain suppert group called "affa Sair". we currently have over 430 members.

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