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Hi I mentioned a friend of mine who was told she has a fibroid. Well now my sister thinks has one too 🙈. She had one a few years ago and had it removed.

But she's having constant pain at the bottom of the stomach and back and leg all the way down. And she keeps needing to go to the bathroom because of the pressure...I myself don't understand all this that she explained to me! The worst thing is she rang the doctor and got told there is no appointment available until next month!But I told her about this website in on and hopefully people might chat and give their opinions.

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Could be a prolapse.

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SID123 in reply to bantam12

Thanks for your reply bantam12...ive read up a little on what you said it could be. No the symptoms are different

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bantam12 in reply to SID123

Prolapse causes same symptoms, is there a nurse practitioner at her surgery she could see.

I wonder if she was told their was no appointment because it was a routine appointment she asked for? Could she ring up and say she has an acute problem, in which case she should be seen within a day or two.

The fact that she keeps needing to go to the bathroom makes it sound like it could be something pressing on a nerve. So it might not be a fibroid, it could be any number of things.

If the surgery still refuses to see her, she could try a local minor injuries or acute care. The GPs will get a report back if she goes there, and they can get a black mark against them if they should have seen the patient themselves rather than the patient going to A&E, because A&E is a lot more expensive to the NHS than seeing a GP!

Could it be endometriosis? Sounds like some of the symptoms, there's Endometriosis UK group on this website, just search for it. ! in 10 women can have it and it can be linked to other problems like diet, IBD, coeliac diseases, diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney problems - that's how some of us found out.

I am in the group and it covers all women's problems, including fibrioids, endo, PCOS, cycsts....we may be able to help your sister with our advice / experience / symptoms and how to look / push for diagnosis / treatment.

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SID123 in reply to luthien

Thanks for that farahziya. Il look into that

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