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Hi everyone from last December when i had my fall on to my sacrum and fractured it so my G.P could see from xray they said it was insufficent fracture and also i have Osteoporosis too but the Rhuematologist put my name foward for a back operation they did not agree as the MRI came up clear so now i am still in lot pain .my G>P said there was hairline fracture in the hip and Arthritits in the facet part the spine but why am i in so much pain i have had 7 months physio told to keep the back moving but still in great deal pain i take oral morph just to get out the chair or do exercise and when led down night i have so much pain it wakes me up just to turn over i have physical get out of bed and turn over i have tingling sensation in my leg and dull ache from the knee down also i have sciatica too and feels in my shoulders like tinglinling sensation in back of my neck and night my feet feel like electric shock going through my feet so one help please due to see the consultant in just over week now i would be grateful on some help.thankyou for listening to me

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Hi, I can't help you much but I had tingling, burning and pain in my legs which was so bad that it woke me up in the night but the pain was too severe for me to be able to move the legs. It was caused by the arthritis in my facet joints and treated with denervation treatment. This helps for a year or 18 months and then I have it done again. Good luck

I had all of the above and was referred to a pain management clinic who placed a neuro modulator in my spine to handle the pain. Try to get a referral. If you want more info please PM me

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