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ESA form filled in anxious wait now HATE stress of whole thing !!!

Well still managing to stay on lower dose of Tramadol using Morphine instead which seems to be more effective than original meds. That's great! Low mood has improved as getting some sleep on a night. I was feeling quite optimistic about pain clinic and hopeful of better days. Then ESA form drops through the door NIGHTMARE 😰😱😟 All the questions proof needed meds listed is a chore but I get necessary.

I do not get how lifting a empty box has anything to do with depression!? Is " no I can't because I do not feel like it because I am depressed" an answer!? I feel like the Q asked are a bit daft!? Does anyone else? I filled it in honesty and fully.

I bet I get called in for a assessment then stress out waiting for the report. The whole thing is awful stressful and upsetting. I hear horror stories of people getting lied about and i cannot relax until it is done. I used to worked in sales selling to businesses to a target THIS is far more stressful.

Why !? Why should the process make us feel so crap and pick apart our inability to do thing's we used to do. Where is the compassion? Any understanding or actual kindness? Why does it feel like a battle trying to live with a disability or chronic illness or pain as well as live on a low income that we have to practically beg for and cannot be relied upon for any real time. The whole thing makes me so angry not just for myself but for other vulnerable people. Anyone have any stories or thoughts to share?

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Contact the CAB for a support worker, & advice filling the form in.

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Sorry to hear the whole thing is stressing you out. I can relate almost completely, I used to work in sales, bad accident now can’t. Between esa, pip & iidb, I’ve been in a steady cycle of forms and appointments for the last 4 years.

My last battle was with pip and I’m still waiting for a tribunal date. In the meantime esa sent me a form, now being dragged in for yet another assessment, even thought I’ve sent 300+ pages of doctors reports and letters.

It’s immensely frustrating and depressing, I even went to see my mp about it, I still don’t understand why I’ve had to have 3 different assessments done, the whole process is a mess!

I cope by trying to ignore the fact until a couple of days before. Also if your anything like me you so would be working if you could!

Try and put it out of your mind as much as you can. I also research what the current assessment criteria is, always good to know.

Onwards and upwards, and don’t let the ******** get you down! You know how your condition effects you, make sure you tell them everything, oh and sod the empty cardboard box!!

Good luck x


Winnie, these benefits forms are a nightmare. I worked for the social security office now DWP back in 2000, a lot has changed. What I have noticed is labour make the forms more user friendly and the conservative make it so difficult that you need not apply, if you do the assessment will totally crush you down. On the other hand, stupid as the questions may seem answer them, at the assessment think before you answer. How does your condition affect you, how often, can you do a task safely on our own repeatedly... it’s not how serious you might think the condition is.... no no no, the examiner does not give a shyte about your pain or medication, their follow a script. How your condition affects your everyday life... a lot of people don’t realise this. I hope you the very best and please let me know if I can help you further....

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Hi Winniepooh,

I had 2 assessments in 7 months last year. It was stressful and I had to submit a mandatory reconsideration following both assessments.

I have now been through 6 assessments, submitted 4 mandatory reconsideration and gone through 3 tribunals.......it's almost a full time job.

I would never advocate anyone lying on these forms or at assessments, but how you answer is important. So for the empty cardboard box question, the answer is.... my depression causes such exhaustion and weakness I can't move even the lightest of items.

I hope that makes sense. I also agree with Jay67, there is a political agenda behind the manner in which claimants are treated. I have my opinions on that, but it's not appropriate to this matter or forum.

Best of luck. Catmag.

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