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P.a.c's & pregnant

I constantly suffer from irregular heartbeats, racing heart when at rest from time to time, flutters and skipped beats! Ive had an echo, multiple ekgs, stress test, and multiple chest xrays and countless of blood drawn all my tests have came back to be normal and good they say and that my heart is healthy! But all that ive named above has doubled now that im pregnant and ive been to the emergency room more than ever now and i almost aways have chest pains or pains in neck and shoulder or even arms

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Oh bless you that osnt good. Are you under a specialist? I can relate to what you're saying. I get a pain in heart area that goes down my left arm and also travels up into my jaw anf teeth. I've had those tests. They admitted me with a suspected heart attack last year. Blood pressure was high which mine is always low over 55-60but was 100.

They let me out 3 days later Nd said test showed I didn't have one!?

They sent me for tests and said the same heart is good.

I've had the same pain a few times now but just let ithappen as they said it's not. Scary big time when it happens and after my heart beats go mad.

So you're not alone xxs


The heart problem sounds like paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. This is hard to diagnose - it is only diagnosed if you happen to have a paroxysm during an ECG or other examination.

Atrial fibrillation doesn’t cause pain, though, as far as I know, so could only be a partial explanation.

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They told me i have a healthy heart i just hope they not just telling me that

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I was repeatedly told there was nothing wrong with my heart. I kept telling my doctor about the irregular heartbeat, and he would just take my pulse and blood pressure and tell me I was perfectly ok.

Then I had a stroke. Atrial fibrillation can cause blood clots, which is why I had the stroke.

Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) is hard to diagnose. Unless fibrillation occurs while the doctor is actually taking your pulse, or while you’re connected to a blood pressure machine, they won’t spot it. They’ll only find it by accident or if they’re actually looking for it. They only started looking for mine after I had the stroke.

I don’t want to alarm you. You’re clearly a lot younger than me (given that you’re pregnant). Chances are your problem isn’t anything serious. But you might want to run PAF past your doctor next time it happens.

Best wishes, and congratulations on your forthcoming happy event.

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