Pushing on regardless

Here I am awake in pain because of trying to ignore my body and thinking it will suddenly let me.

All of my great ideas to manage my pain days allow myself the rest up time kaput. I am waging a war against myself, pushing myself booming and busting then getting angry and frustrated. I get so involved in goal setting just doing one last job I am back in the loop. Activity = pain = resentment so push back to activity. When will I stop trying to fight my pain ? Can we ever find a happy compromise ?

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  • The sad part of pain is even wgen trying to relax it aggravates. Hope your pain subsides so you can get some rest

  • Bad pain is irritating you need to have two lots of motivation one to get up and extra to push back the pain.x

  • I have pain flares which feel like razor blades 🙄

  • Sorry tyo hear that spider555 mine is a constant dragging tight pain all the time. I also get shooting pains not great I find distraction a good way to deal with it. I also love reading. 😊

  • Me too. I'm reading crickley hall by James Herbert.

  • I have read that REALLY good read. I will look on my bookcase in morning see what I can recommend. I have read all of Martina Coles they are a cracking read.

    I also read Peter James just reading Need you Dead part of a series about a detective's cases and life. I have a kindle so get a lot of books free.

  • It’s so difficult. I don’t manage my pain very well. Not good at pacing although I wish I was. You will have to keep striving to find the answers. I struggle with having to rest as that makes me feel like I am wasting precious time. It also gives me feelings of guilt, should be working etc, stay as strong as you can, thanks for the excellent post

  • You may have to remind yourself that its really not wasting precious time when you take a break. It's actually preventing you from over doing it so that you won't hurt so bad and you can accomplish more the next day.

  • Resting does give feeling of waisting time but it is part of pain management, taking time to manage your pain. I feel bad about not working as I always have in the past. I will try to do something for other people instead give to charity or write letter to prisoners?? The first I do the second thinking off, there must be plenty of things we can do to give back to contribute. ? x

  • I have done that for years. I can only recommend that you might set fewer or smaller goals at a time and give your body a break for a few minutes every so often. For me, its every hour, I might take a 10 minute break. Make sure you stay hydrated. This is especially hard for me in the spring and summer because I love the outside and I don't mind yard work. Honestly though, you have to find something that works for you. Best of luck to you.

  • Thank you I do try to take breaks and drink plenty I get really thirsty when my pain is bad. I also like my garden I like to sit and do planters and grow bedding plants from seed, this gives me a great sense of achievement x

  • Yes it does. When my plants bloom or my garden produces it always makes me smile.

  • You are saying it yourself. Boom and bust. As a way of regulating pain it's unlikely to work. I do know because it's the way I tend to work myself and suffer the consequences.

    I use a fitbit to try to kep my steps down rather than the other way. I measure the distance I walk as I know how much will create inflammation and lots more pain.

    But when I feel good ( like last Thursday) I get a gung-hobby attitude and push and push. The result is lots of pain and much less activity. Followed by despair and despondency.

    Is this your pattern winniethepooh ?

    All you can do now is pull back, accept that yiu have to wait till things settle and then gradually build up.

    I do recommend a diary of what you have done detailing how you feel afterwards. And list of things to do . Make the list and cross out half ?


  • Thanks that is my pattern exactly!! I do write lists but do not cross out half. I too can only walk very limited distance before my pain flares. My husband's does the school run I may have to try a fitbit though to see how far I have in me.

    I will try the diary that's a great idea really shattered today as still not sleeping through. Thanks again your post makes sense it is nice to know you get it/me.x

  • It's partly down to personality. I was ( in my previous life) very very active. Always goal driven, never relaxed properly. I have a wonderful chiropractor who is of a similar nature to me and understands. It was she who suggested the fitbit when I felt like I was so inactive ( in my book uselesz) It's shown me how much I do manage and allowed me to set goals and parameters. I didn't listen to my body but will sometimes pay attention to the fitbit when it tells me how many steps I have done.

    I am in continual pain but I can usually stop it getting to the totally debilitating level. I can't rest in bed or on a sofa as it makes my lower back pain worse usually.

    It takes time and there are setbacks ut with determination you can learn your limits.

    Look up the Spoon Theory which is associated with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. It's a good starting place.


  • In my previous life I worked full time with 4 children and night class. I did not stop I loved it think I was hyperactive to be honest. I took my good heath as a given and only now realise what it is not to have it.

    Your right though with determination you can and have to learn you limits. I don't always pay heed to mine but learning to. Hope your having your best day x

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