Pain killer epidemic.

So many of us take pain medication some for genuine pain but there are millions taking them to not feel emotional pain and who can blame us. We carry our pain and our fears it becomes who we are. We could cope without them we have for thousands of years but it'

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  • Something is wrong here I didn't finish obviously.

    Anyway why should we carry our pain and fear if by taking a few pills can help us cope. Knowing how to control it is the devil in the detail. Lol

  • We live in a very pressured and stressful world where emotion especially of grief as no time or space and no one truly listens unless they are paid to is it any wonder those whose hearts are sore need help as much as those whose bodies are sore.

  • DoDo777'

    People in your situation have caused people with real pain issues not to be able to get the medicine we need. That is the pain epidemic!

  • What planet are you on I didn't come on here to be judged and to be made to feel like crap. I was on a completely different page. If your from America I heard the Your Doctors are handing painkillers out like Smarties making millions in America addicts that' was my point. And yea my doctor is giving Subutex out to people suffering from PTSD . I also have arthritis in my hip. People read betwee the lines and come out with something to suit themselves.

  • Subutex for PTSD. In the UK it is only licensed for opioid drug dependence .

  • I am from the USA, and proud of it. It is true that our docs were over prescribing opioids, and many became addicted. Each individual chooses whether to be addicted or not. It is a choice. No doctors are prescribing opioids at all. That is unfortunate because they are the only meds that take the pain away even if just for a few hours. I am sorry for judging you. It just makes me aggravated that everyone feels sorry for the addicted and no one is addressing the fact that there are people that really need the opioids and just can't get them.

  • You said Foxgal17....... Each individual chooses whether to be addicted or not. It is a choice.

    An extraordinary statement.

    No one wakes up and says..I am going to be an addict. No one wakes up with a serious genetic painful disease. No one wakes up and say today I am going to have an accident which disables me the rest of my life

    We can all blame someone for our own pain or ill health. That is in our nature but not the least helpful in how to deal with those conditions. Meds are only a very small part of living with pain either emotional or physical


  • Yes- interesting observation.

    In Russia, grief is frowned upon and is medicated promptly - as often happened here in Ireland after family bereavements. People were drugged out of their minds and then had severe post grief depression with often very serious consequences.

    Physical pain does need to be treated for an acceptable quality of life- but obviously needs careful management.

    Mindfulness and distraction are useful tools with regard to this.

  • narcotis anonymous if full of people who take/took drugs to relieve emotional pain. eventually we need more and more drugs to get the original effect when we first started. This leads to many more problems than we started with.its called drug addiction.

  • I have thrown every pill in the bin and confronted my fears by embracing them. Furthermore..the key to succes is to unleash your own bodys regulators..dopamin..cortisol etc etc by beeing (in my case) a gym rat. I call my trainingregime LIFEREHAB by attacking my body from every angle during 2 hour sessions 4 days a week. The training have become my pill. Do I feel better? HELL YES..Am I cured? HELL NO. And for god sake stop eating sugar which is in everything these days.My story is long and horrible but all I am trying to say is that there are alternatives. Soon 48 year old male but looks and feels like 25😂 If I can do it so could..and must you. LOVE...

  • Not everyone can release endorphins through going to the gym or taking strenuous exercise.

  • No its a long journey and you have to adapt to your own capabilities...small steps and only competing with yourself..

  • My 'long journey' has physical parameters that will never be breached. Cross the exercise line and I am crippled with pain for days.

    I would love to go to a gym again, lift a weight , cycle.

    I have the pills for life or no life at all


  • You have a life got me!!!


  • I feel worked over after making dinner. 99% of time I can hardly stand to even look at it, I feel so wiped out. Gym? Hoo-hoo-ha, snort, funny. Glad he's got it knocked.

  • EvilAunt,

    I felt the same

  • way about exercise till I got up and forced myself to exercise in my bedroom, for 25 minutes every other day. Now I work out weekly with my neighbor who has virtually the same medical issues as I do. I feel do much better, and am losing 1 lb per week. And I have a new friend in the neighborhood! I feel much better physically and emotionally!

  • This is a very interesting topic and thought provoking.

  • Hermes123. (me) After suffering all the symptoms and more for over fifty years, I have just discover what is I suffer with! Myelopathy? never ever heard the word before. But your advent day report for which I'm most grateful for, sums up my situation perfectly plus more from which I suffer! All related at last I can get my head around my problem, spent years in and out of hospital. Consultants pain management clinics you name it, I have been through it over the years, coming up to 80. years old now so I doubt if there is that much longer to suffer. Hermes

  • We live in completely different countries with different health care so find out what country I'm from and I do have physical pain to.

  • no critisisims here Dodo777. i totally understand the situation.wishing you well. love grace xoxo

  • Aren't you in the UK, so my comment stands. Subutex and suboxone are used for drug dependence / misusers as part of a psychological package to get them off the drug they are misusing. It is not licenced for severe pain or chronic pain.

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