?Bananas -What to eat to line stomach before taking meds...

Good morning..i used to be able to eat half a banana or at least a mouthful or two before taking morning meds...don't know whats happened to taste buds but can't stomach bananas anymore...Strange...so, have taken to eating an oatcake and gagging a lot...digestive biscuits a bit better...

Just wondered what others take on a daily basis as have felt quite nauseous over past 5/6 weeks in flare up..

Best wishes to all


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  • Dairy as in glass of milk is good. Or cheese if you don't mind that for breakfast!


  • No milk/cheese/ yoghourts can't tolerate first thing....


  • Try one of the flavoured porridge cereals, I'm currently on the golden syrup version quite tasty, and gives your stomach a decent lining and easy to digest, thanks

  • I can't tolerate dairy first thing but have had the golden syrup pots a few hours later!


  • Try toast I always have it before all my meds

  • How about toast? That's usually gentle on a stomach. x

  • I need to take something to get out of bed so toast would be ok later Bea x

  • I know if i feel off colour and the thought of food makes me gag I can usually have plain toast and be ok with it. Hope you feel better soon. x

  • Thank you...

    Bea x

  • Couple of arrowroot biscuits my gran always took them bed with her

  • Hi.. Yes my Mom too...but i find you can't always get them in shops now..


  • Morrisons and tesco have them

  • I do have to say I also liked to eat bananas but not to much now. I know this will sound strange but I never could stand the smell of an old Banana peel I would have to wrap it in a plastic bag and tie it up and then throw in the trash. Now I am lucky like you if I can eat two bites what I try to eat is a toasted piece of bread or a granola bar sometimes I can have cereal. Well it is almost time to take my morning medicines.

    Bye for now

  • I have a sensitive nose too and some foods smells can easily make me more nauseous...have tried some granola bars and keep them by the bedside...

    Bea x

  • Just love them especially the little ones we get...plantainns


  • Could you just have a couple of ginger biscuits. I'm like you I can't stomach food in the mornings, my nausea usually wears off around 1pm n then have food. Although for past 2 months all I've been able to stomach is plain pancakes with a squeeze of orange juice n a teaspoon of sugar! No idea why! good tho as quick can do 6 pancakes in the microwave in 2 min 40 seconds.

  • Ooh ginger biscuits might be too much but will try the plain pancake..Thanks

    Bea x

  • What about fruit like mange or water melon a few pieces in the morning it is good .

  • By careful with fruit, fruits like oranges and grapefruit can play havoc on medication.

  • You should read the leaflet in the box they tell you some fruit you can't have it like grapefruit or oranges because you have acid stomac.

  • always...

  • I do agree with you, you do need to read those pamphlets.

  • Fruit is too acidic for me first thing and agree with the below comment from crpsSucks

    Best wishes


  • I take mine with nut milk. Love Alpro cashew. Lots of others to. All diary free. Other milks lice rice milk if allergic to nuts.

  • A dry salty cracker or 2 works for me, or a cereal bar

  • I find actimel ok.

  • Make your you discuss changes like these to your GP, years of taking Naproxen (a NSAID) and it has left me with pretty serious gastro damage, in my early 30's.

    Are you taking something like Omeprozale?

  • Hi.I know my late Mother suffered with stomach ulcers which we believe were due to years of Naproxen...I loathe taking it and only when i am really on 'fire'...my GP doesn't want to change any meds at the moment until i see the Pain Management Specialist which, i have been moaning about as clinic appts x2 cancelled but late Friday received a voicemail asking for confirmation of my attending an appt in 2 wks😊 which they cancelled over 2 wks ago and of course no-one answering the phone now till Monday...

    so to answer your question...sorry for the rant...no i haven't been prescribed Omeprozale does this protect the stomach/gut lining?

    Best wishes


  • Glass of milk if I’m not wanting food :-)

  • Ah sorry, just read you can’t have dairy. Hmm. Small bowl of porridge made with water or a milk substitute? Or some sort of oaty bar thing. I like battle oats bars.

  • They prescribed me prescription strength rantidine......it might help you.

    Bananas and or oatmeal flavored with something and sweetened and maybe fruit you like added.

    You really need to line stomach with something not acidic, but rather on the alkaline side.

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