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Possible fibro & dyhdracodeine

Well doc is still doing tests to rule out other things had so many bloods done recently,last one was for b12 which has come back normal,I have been getting more symptoms of fibro over the last 3 months back pain,shoulder now bad stiff neck and pain and bad knees.im having dizzy spells every day now,light sensitive and different floor textures like stripes and others make my head spin also getting headaches.i recently went to Gp again who has prescribed me dyhdracodeine 60mg ,a wk ago I've been taking 1a day and paracetamol 8 a day and I'm still feeling pain.i feel so down and feel like things are taking forever with my Gp I just want to know if I have fibro so I can accept and try to move on as best I can,any advice would be great thanks x

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I wonder if you might obtain some experienced advice on this topic over on HU's Fibromyalgia Action UK? healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

I've no idea if something like gabapentin is generally found to be more useful if it is fibromyalgia - or if by and large people with fibro. have found a basic package of interventions and medications that work pretty well for a fair number of people.

There are Pain Clinics with a very fine reputation in helping people with fibromyalgia so you might request a referral to one of those if the diagnosis is confirmed for you? E.g., The Walton: thewaltoncentre.nhs.uk/112/...

and there are a couple in London, iirc.


Thank you I've just registered on the fibro site I was actually under the pain clinic Walton were I had nerve blockers in back which never worked and after that the consultant actually said there wasn't anything more he could do lol But as u said wait for the diagnosis of fibro then I will ask to be referred to the pain clinic who specialize in fibro x

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