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Close fitting clothes making pain worse???

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Hi all .

I wondered if anyone else finds that wear clothes of a certain type can hurt ?

I find it difficult as it is to go clothes shopping let alone find anything I like or can wear as it all seems to be tight bottoms like extra skinny jeans so I tried leggings for at home and I have 2 pairs of soft stretch skinny jeans but they really hurt to wear I have pins and needles in my legs down to my feet my skin feels burning and sore and sometimes like they are swollen . I really don't like skirts dresses and spend most days home in pj bottoms or similar. If my jeans were stiff and skin tight I'd understand but they arent.

I have mild scoliosis and hip dysplasia and waiting to see rheumatology as my doc thinks my pain isn't consistent with those and suspects more and has mentions fibromyalgia a few times I've been .

If anyone can shed light it would be great or just to know others do too, strangely enough helps also any idea if certain conditions could be linked. I mostly suffer severe pain in my lower spine numbness morning paralysis pins and needles when I wake up at that hurting point and cant move not just a tingle burning aches related to weather in my hips plus a load more.

I say a Good day is like I have been hit on my spine with a baseball bat full pelt and a bad day is more like a truck with sharp pain like snapped bones stabbing me inside on top of the other daily pain .

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It’s tricky when you have so many different things going on with your body. I have a long list of diagnoses and I often don’t know which thing is responsible for which symptom.

The clothes thing is something I experience with fibromyalgia, though allodynia is also a symptom of other conditions. I can’t wear a bra anymore due to the pain, and anything tight is off the cards. Some days it’s so bad that I can only wear super soft pjs.

I hope you get some answers soon.

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I have similar problems with clothes but I have resorted to buying next size clothes. I have been by advised to get bra extenders as the loosen the tightness if the bra.

It sounds like you have a perception mixup in your brain. it isn't that uncommon. Pain and other sensations are actually felt in your body, it is all in your brain. Nerves are stimulated in your body, and then the signal goes up to your brain, and your subconscious brain decides what to do with it. Usually it gets it right, touch something hot enough to burn, your brain registers danger, you move your hand away, and your brain will remind you next you are near the stove to not touch it.

But sometimes light touch and pain get mixed up, so that the brain thinks that light touch is actually pain. It can go the other way too. When my son was young he could stub his toe and have the nail hanging off, blood everywhere, and not feel it, but if I tapped his shoulder or try to hug him, he would pull away in pain.

Deep touch worked for him, so for a few years every time I touched him I made it a strong deep touch, a sort of squeeze. Eventually he was able to process the sensations better.

If this is what is happening for you, then occupational therapist can help, or you can good for deep pressure therapy.

My son has taken to wearing skirts now, as he doesn't like the feeling of jeans anymore. in the winter he puts a pair of soft long johns underneath!

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Thanks I have been through pain management and the explanations of pain and how it can be . It does seem to stick to lower half and has gotten worse in the past yr. when my pain in my spine is flaring I can't cope with anything on me.

Not sure if it's something rheumatology will be able to work out I guess I will wait for that appointment in nov and go from there and if not I will discuss things again with gp

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