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i am looking for someone with a similar problems for some advice. I have severe wear and tear arthritis in both knee, had a total knee replacement on both knees. unfortunately the left knee didn't go well and for 3 yrs now, i can't exert pressure on it neither walk without clutches. Now my lower back in the pelvic joint is also experiencing escrusciating pain that makes my whole body so tensed and painful, I can not walk, stand or sit without a support on table or a firm chair. In a constant pain and relying only on tramadol and codrydramol but it is not even helping. is there any advice

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Hi! I too have arthritic conditions etc..see my post in Pain Management for more detail...i also use one crutch for daily support and have done for past 3/4 years. Used to dance, dog walk and now i can't even go for short walk myself without being laid up in bed for couple of days after.

I take prebablin, cocodomol/solpodol, a statin and an antidepressant(don't they are working well at the you i get so tense and anxious and am wondering whether to request something for the insomnia as cannot sleep due to pain/spasms or arms tingling which also wakes me up!

Hope you can rest up this weekend...Bea x


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