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Ankle pain

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I started with pain in my ankle about a week ago, so looked on line for remedies for tendonitis, tried RICE rest,ice compression and elevation, all worked for a short time but the pain and swelling soon comes back. I see that this can last for up to a month, and I like to walk , this is driving me mad to have to limp around and then rest up till the swelling goes down again. Does anyone know of a cream that would deaden the pain enough to get around?

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Have you started taking any new medications lately. I had taken a certain medicine only to find out that I was allergic to it my legs were so swollen I had to have and ultrasound just to see if I had blood clots which I didn't but once I stop taking the medicine it stopped. So I would ask your doctor and pharmacist if anything Medicine you will do that that's just one thing to look into so I would ask your doctor and pharmacist if anything missing you that's just one and to look into Good luck

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Thank you for your reply, I have been taking quite a few supplements lately could try to cut down on these, but I think it probably is a tendon problem as the swelling does go down after resting., if it continues I will certainly go to my doctor.

Have you seen anyone about this? I would ask for a referral or self refer to a podiatrist. Without knowing exactly what is going on it is hard to know what to suggest. If it is just a tendon problem, that will take time to resolve, but you also need to make sure you know why you have a tendon problem to make sure it can resolve.

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Thank you, will give the problem a few more days then if it continues I will certainly have it looked at .

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