Wisdom teeth

My bottom left wisdom tooth has broke through a few months ago but there wasn't any pain, but now it must be growing again because the pain is so bad.

Is there anything I can do to ease the pain as pain killers don't seem to do much?

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  • Are you confident that you don't have an infection of some sort? I know it's expensive but I wonder if you'd benefit from consulting a dentist?

    Does warmth from a heat pad on your cheek work for you or is it too sore to allow anything near it?

  • It was fine until this morning and now its really painful.

    I'll give it a few days and then book an appointment.

    Yeah its very tender. I had the same problem with my too wisdom tooth but that went away after a week.

  • Short term oil of cloves may help runned over the tooth.

    Long term? Get it removed.


  • I'd love to get them all removed but don't think they will do it yet because its only just broken through the top of my gum its not fully through.

    Thanks I'll get some. X

  • I only say that as I never had any! Friend recently had one done with a cyst on it. Painful with slow recovery but says best thing she did!


  • You are so lucky they are horrible.

    Yeah I'm hoping the dentist will remove it if the pain doesn't go away. X

  • You need to go see a dentist. Wisdom teeth hurt when they are what's called 'impacted'. That is they are trying to erupt but get stuck under the tooth in front of it. Sometimes they manage to get past but get it checked out to be sure or it will just go on hurting.

  • Yeah, il see if it feels better in a few days might just be growing again but if not I'll definitely go to the dentist.

    I feel like I live at doctors and dentists lately.

  • Lol. I know what you mean. But the problem with wisdom teeth if they are impacted is that the will try to erupt, cause pain, then stop for a while. You thinks it's ok, then they start again😥. They never give up you know😉. And can cause problems for the other teeth as they will move them and expose roots or change your occlusion (bite). Sorry, I don't mean to frighten you...honest 😁. I am a DCP (registered dental care professional). So just trying to help.

  • Hi.

    Yes, it is best to see the Dentist asap but don't these things always happen on Fridays!

    I had horrendous trouble with my first wisdom tooth coming through. Had to have the infection treated then extraction. Xrays revealed 2 more fully grown yet 'impacted'. They were later removed under GA . But yours is already through ?!

    For the pain, can you take ibuprofen and codeine ok? As you know you can buy ibuprofen 200mg and paracetamol anywhere supermarket / corner shop. Ignore all the named brands claiming 'extra' pain relief. Stick to supermarket own brands or pharmacy cheapest. If you want cocodamol though you need to act fast as you can only buy them OTC at pharmacies.

    Try 2 paracetamol OR 2 Cocodamol OR one of each. Have a snack or drink of milk and biscuit then take 2 or three ibuprofen x 200mg tablets. This should give you short term pain relief. Leave at least 4 hours and up to 6 hrs before next dose. If you wish you could also brush the area lightly with bicarbonate of soda or try warm salt water mouth wash. Hold the mouthwash over the area until the heat has gone out of the water and repeat. This should help keep any infection at bay until you get to the dentist. If you need to - though you could see your dentist as an emergency today or contact Out-of-hours anytime over the weekend.

    Hope it settles down.


  • ps

    If you take cocodamol remember the codeine causes constipation so may have to take Lactulose medicine also. Also drink plenty water and eat well. If painful to eat , then lots of soups and milky drinks. Ibuprofen can't be taken on an empty stomach.

    May be easier to stick to paracetamol and Ibuprofen as you can buy them anywhere.

  • Ok i'm going to let you know my son last February had to have his wisdom teeth taken out they were all impacted and he was in excruciating pain. You really need to go to the dentist they may be able to give you painkillers but you you probably need to have them taken out. I was lucky only needed to have one tooth impacked and it will be covered under my insurance but all four were impacted. Lucky for Insurance wise but not for my son. They are very painful. Good luck I would go to the dentist it is the long weekend not to many places will be open. You should call the doctor now.

  • Thank you

    I have taken some ibuprofen and the pain has gone for now if it gets bad again then I'll definitely go to the dentist.

    I had the same problem with my top wisdom tooth last year and ended up on antibiotics x

  • Hi I had told you about my son having his wisdom teeth out. I was thinking that my dentist has me use Sensodine toothpaste Because I do have some pain in my teeth and it's not because there is something wrong with my teeth. Try it if you can't get to the dentist soon

  • Thank you I will go and get some later x

  • Thank you, I have only just saw your imbox!xx

  • Bet you wish you hadn't asked 🤣😂

  • Hi I went to the dentist 2 weeks ago I had to have a wisdom tooth out didn't know I had 1 it only took a few secs to take out and had no probs after must have been lucky one

  • That happened to me when my wisdom teeth came in. I had a little flap of skin back there when they started coming in. It was after that flap of skin was created and then a couple weeks later it started hurting and I was in so much pain. And at the time it didn't seem I could take enough of anything to make the pain better. So the very next day I went to the dentist and she pulled the one that was hurting. Then she x-rayed all the rest of them of them and determined that they all needed to come out because there wasn't going to be room for them. You need to do this too. Get an appointment as soon as possible.

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