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Pain Driving me Crazy. Feel so Alone?!

Hi πŸ‘‹πŸΎ All

New to this community

I have a few medical conditions hearing loss osteomalacia bladder inflammatory disorder. End stage kidney disease and in dialysis.

My condition is fairly stable except for my severe excruciating bladder pains still under investigation I don't know if it's from damaged nerve from my osteomalacia in my double or leg that has a rod in it or from the kidney failure. Whatever it is I've suffered a year and been ignored and blanked sent on a merry go round by professionals.

I'm now at my wits end and in the verge of having to go to A&E as nothing is getting done fast enough and it's affecting my dialysis the pain and urgency to go toilet all the time!!

I'm feeling really low at the moment cos of the pain. I take OxyCondeine and clonazepam. This just about works. But I feel I need a proper diagnosis and it annoys me they bring so awkward kidney drs knowing I'm in so much pain but dismissed me so many times.

I get so bad I can't even make to the appointments sometimes I'm so ill weak and tired!!

I've got to push myself harder and get some help soon. It's completely changing my nature all this pain I'm suffering. Having outbursts and family just overlook me as being too much too handle?!!

So basically I'm alone in dealing with my afflictions. But I'm trying my best to stay strong and focussed but it's getting harder when alone.

I'm housebound too so feel trapped and can't do anything. I'm going to see if theirs a stress free hobby I could take up to make me feel useful again. πŸ‘πŸΎ

Look forward to posts and replies on this community

Sakinah 🌹

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Hi sakinah111, welcome to our community and so sorry to hear of your problems, but you've come to the right place and believe me there are people worse off than you which in itself helps to make us bear our own crosses.

I'm no expert on anything but there are others better qualified that can point you in the right direction, best Alex

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Thank you

I look forward to engaging in the communities and relating with each other's difficulties.

There maybe worse off than me but that still deosnt mean I'm suffering in my own way.


Sakinah 🌹


Sorry that's not what I meant about others being worse off than you, what I meant that hearing of others suffering can sometimes help with our own , your suffering and pain are in no way diminished by this, it's just that pain and suffering all the time can make us feel so alone, but on hearing of other peoples pain and their situation can make us feel not so alone in our own... all the best Alex


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