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Hi everyone just need some advice I have lower back pain I went to see my gp she gave me codiene it helps just wondering if I can do anything else I can do 😔

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  • I've recently had a hip replacement and suffered terribly from lower back pain afterwards At my physio classes there was one exercise that I found really helped In yoga it's called the Bridge

    You lie flat knees bent arms by your side then lift your bottom as high as you can weight on your feet and arms hold it for a count of 10 then lower gently Repeat 5 to 10 times

    I found that has helped greatly

    All the best and sending a hug as I know how miserable lower back pain is 😊

    Do it slowly and gently x

  • I would caution doing any exercise if you don't know the reason behind your back pain. Sorry cat but that exercise could cause more problems depending on the reason for the pain and the degree of inflammation. Get professional advise specific to your condition.


  • Ok point taken Its just I was under physiotherapists after a hip replacement and I know it was safe for me But thank you for making the point I understand what you are saying

  • Cat was explaining something that she was advised to do by a physio. So what she said is perfectly fine.

  • Yes the hip bridge is excellent for the lower back. It stretches and strengthens. ☺

  • Oh thank you Everytime I've seen a physio for back pain I have been given it to practice It's gentle and really helps me I wouldn't have suggested if they hadn't seen a doctor

    Thanks you have cheered me up x

  • Keep doing it though even if your back feels ok.

  • Yes I do it's part of my day and helped me so much 👍

  • Good.

  • HI Jose. Once the initial inflammation has died down, think on th future. There will be a reason why your back is hurting. Depending on your age it could be degeneration or to do with posture or your lifting technique. Maybe it the way you sit to work or watch TV. A poor mattress. There could be disc problems or muscle problems. Try to get to the bottom of the causes and then you can take steps to prevent a reoccurrence by seeing a chiropractor or a physio or a well trained Pilates teacher. Prevention is the key to many back problems.In the mean time experiment with ice packs - 15 mins on 45 off. Some people find a heat pad comforting. Keep moving gently but no extreme movements. But keep moving. No lying down for hours as previously advised.

    Good luck


  • Depends on what is causing the back pain! I've taken up pilates (Due to my difficulties are do this from a chair) which concentrates on strengthening muscles, stability/balance and increases your range of movement! One area I particularly like is strengthening my core/middle section which helps my chronic back pain.

  • Strengthen those abs and obs and they support your back.

  • I always look up any new pills side effects - be aware of them, but not be frightened of them since some will only affect a very small percentage of takers.

  • You can find on YouTube stretches that good for the lower back. Go look.

  • It really depends why you have the pain? Mine was a 'bulging ' disc. Perhaps you may need an MRI or ct scan? I had a steroid injection which worked well. Good luck

  • It was the procedures I had for kidney stones I think it is trauma

  • I have been experiencing severe lower back pain. MRI scan revealed osteo-arthritis. Standard painkiller didn't work at all. Have now had 10 acupuncture sessions and pain has reduced considerably and am now leading an active life once again. I think acupuncture is definitely worth a go. Best wishes.

  • I am 43 years old and I am no longer able to work. I, too, suffer from lower back pain. Recent MRI and CT show degenerative disc disease, herniated T11/T12; herniated L1-L6 (yes I am lucky and have an extra Lumbar disc- it just means I have more reasons to exercise); and S1/S2 along with Sciatica makea for lovely table talk.

    Something I researched was nerve blocks. I'm not sure of the wait times where you live but here, it's almost 3 years here. Depending on your injury, you may want to wear a back brace. I received 23 nerve block injections 10 weeks ago and I feel so much better. However, I have to return for follow-up injections and receive injections in other nerves that weren't treated at the original appointment. Depending on your diagnosis, this may be something to suggest to your physician.

    Best of luck.


  • Hi. Sorry to hear all you are going thru. I don't know about you but I think getting a "difficult' diagnosis is often more of a relief than another test - another question mark. I feel your pain. Anyway one thing I wanted to add to everyone's amazing advice is to watch out for the codeine. It is a deadly opiod that works for a very short time. Even by then you will be physiologically and psychologically, dependant ( very different to an addiction). So please, please , please be very careful. Even morphine is less dangerous. So be really aware. I hope you get your life back and live it as you should. Cheers xx

  • I agree, plus the awful constipation with codeine!

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