Chronic back pain

I suffer with discitus causing severe pain and and loss of motor ability in my legs.while sitting upright or standing the pain increases until the only relief is to lye horizontal. Could anyone recommend a pain relief that would enable me to remain upright longer .

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  • Would keeping upright for longer cause more damage?

    Pain is a message from your body to your brain telling you to stop doing whatever it is.

    Have you been referred to a pain clinic?

    That is the place to get advice on the correct pain relief for your situation.

    You may need surgery or pain relief such as Tramadol or Tens or any other of a number of options.

    Good luck.

  • That is a terrific and intelligent question. You asked if remaining upright would cause further damage and the answer is yes, it did to me. However, unless one is prepared to die, today, we still have to eat, shower, and keep going. Never give up.

  • Tramadol and Tens will not help. I am in a similar situation,, but usually lying on one side or the other is only way. Flat of my back, horizontal as you say puts too much pressure on my SI joints which also have disfunction. My situation is ongoing for the last 3 years. Some days I cry most of the time. I am on hydrocodone. That is only thing that lworks for me. I had a lumbar decompression surgery two years ago in order that I can exist at all. I suffer from multiple other serious issues, i.e., spinal stenosis, bone spurs on vertebra, degenerative bone disease, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, etc. I feel your pain.

  • Hi I understand where you are coming from I am in very similar position I am unable to walk don't know if you can been like it since November and been told it won't change by the doc having trouble getting my head around it but it sounds horrible when you think it is nice to communicate with someone with similar problems I suppose it's because you are not alone and please don't think I wouldn't like for you to put on here you have found a cure but please tell me 😂

    You take care

  • Hi, very good question. I have similar. While standing I feel I have 3 belts tied round my right leg, and they just keep pulling tighter and tighter, when walking my leg goes number and number! Massive lifestyle changes, and pain clinics, and consultants, various mess, lots of scans. One of the best words on here "PACING" don't give up!

  • Rackets57, Go to a pain dr. and get Radio frequency on your back .You probably suffer from L 4 L 5 disc. herniation ? I have the same thing is it worse if you sleep on one side or the other ? Really try the Radio frequency it will help. What they do is burn the nerves down to a nub. Then the pain is gone for a year or so, if not gone at least it's better !!! 😊 Good luck

  • I'd love to help you Gary but you would need to give me more information I've had chronic pain for 26 yrs I have disc. disease a crushed vertebrae and severe Fibromyalgia. I've. gone through so much and would have to know what you have tried and what's going on with your pain. So let me know I'd like to chat. My name is Sharon and I'm 54 yrs. Hope you're better soon ! But don't count on it (really) sorry but that's the hard truth.

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