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Abdominal Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain???

I'm 19 years old genuinely healthy im pretty sure and what started as abdominal pain in the right upper quadrant right underneath my ribcage and eventually seemed to spread to the left side as well but not as severe. 2 weeks ago is now lower back soreness, my right jugular vein feels a bit sore as well as my lymph node probably is swollen as its causing me jaw pain on the right side and its also warm to the touch. My right ankle also feels a bit odd when I put pressure on it. I'm urinating fine and pass stools fine but I have been gassy.

My muscles have been having small spasms, like that of an eye twitch, mostly within my abdominal area and below. I went into the ER a week ago when I had felt my jugular area felt a bit off accompanying the diarrhea I had (stools are solid now but smell almost like chemicals when i smell them up close..? Tmi but worried)

That night blood tests xrays and an ultrasound were done all coming back clear to my confusion. I don't have a drs appt until SEPTEMBER and I'd really like to figure out whats wrong with me.

It seems that currently my abdominal pain has faded a bit which is good? However now my body feels sore especially on the right side. Loss of appetite has slowly started to diminish as I was able to stomach a peanut butter and fluff sandwich however felt some acid come up and had a burning sensation within my chest for a short time. This was today, probably the best i've felt other than my physical soreness that began tonight. Ever since my symptoms began 2 weeks ago I've been strictly eating more fibers and drinking water however now i'm slowly trying to ease my way back into regular eating habits

I'll keep everyone updated as time goes by. Any ideas on what could be wrong with me? I'm the type to worry, a lot lol.

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Will you be contacting your doctor today? As you are having unresolved symptoms and are concerned?

Did your blood tests include CRP and / or ESR?

Do you have your blood test results with normal ranges to add into your post?


No everything was standard and came back fine. Woke up today with genuine joint pain. Had yogurt and am feeling better than I did before eating the yogurt


Are you in USA?

What is fluff? Is it what we call marshmallow in UK? Do you know that some people with stoma bag eat it to stop diarrhoea? If it can halt bowel movements then maybe not so good an idea. Potatoes are good alternative to bread. Drinking plenty of water or diluted drinks and avoiding caffeine might help.

Did you report all your symptoms as you have written in your post?

If you don't want to wait still September would they take a phone call? Would doctor's secretary be happy to arrange for doctor to call you back?

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