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Joint pain, no answers, gets frustrating


Hi all I have not long joined the site, but have found the posts and stories very helpful and would like to share my own.

I have had trouble for the past year with joint pain starting in my right wrist, was told it was due to repetitive tasks at work as I am a chef and constantly use my hands, few months later started getting pain in my knees which is worse in the left leg.

Was told by my doctor I may have psoriatic arthritis so was referred to a see rheumatologist, who barely looked at me just sat at his computer asking questions.

Back to doctors gave me cocodamol and voltarol which don't really do much, had to leave my job as I was struggling at work with lifting and being on my feet constantly, leg clunks and clicks and is always painful same with my wrists is now pain in both with no strength and pain now in my neck, lower back, with stiffness the stiffness gets worse when I am going to my bed and in the morning.

Got to see a physio last week who is the first person who says I have cartilage problems in

My left knee and right although left is worse and have Tondo exercises to stengthen my legs, still will i ever get a diagnosis so I can progress in my life , I have psoriasis too but seems to be no one gives you a straight and direct answer I am currently on ESA and have health assessment on Friday I want to get back to work but having been told I was slow in my last position as a chef was hard to take after being a chef for twenty years and told I was too slow got me down, at least if I have straight answer I can progress, I know there is people a lot worse than myself and I am very grateful for what I have just more frustrated, one last question does anti inflammatory diet help joint conditions,

Thank you for reading

My post and best of wishes today you all 🙋‍♂️


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Hi sorry for the struggles you have with your joints I hope you can get some medicine that will help with your pain or at least take the edge off it. I had to keep going back to my GP to get a tablet that at the very least takes the edge off (very rarely in my case). Take care blessings to you.

On your hands - do you get pins and needles in middle fingers and the ones either side?

If so it could be carpal tunnel or as you GP said...repetitive strain.

If so it is a fairly minor operation done under local to put right .


Had one doctor that says that, though I have pain stiffness in both arms now, and numbness too,

Thank you for your replies, much appreciated,

The physio is going to check my wrists and neck on Wednesday so hopefully I get answers soon, I do feel hopeful as she is the first person I have seen who has made sense to me,

Many thanks again


Good Luck.


Hello Modmaster 13, I was a chef before retirement, but due to arthritis i was employed as a disabled person which helped me to be able to work at a slower pace, however eventually they retired me due to other staff complaining about my capacity. Given time you will find ways to manage the pain in between flare ups. Yes Anti inflammatory diets do work as do anti inflammatory pills. Psoriasis can cause arthritis too but the treatment for that type of arthritis is different, and it usually effects the knees. You can have more than one type of arthritis, some of which require different things to painkillers.Hope things improve for you soon, and maybe you will get back to work in time Best Wishes.

Hi Katie, thank you for your response good to hear from a fellow chef who understands,some people can be so cruel they don't give you a chance either, good to know you are not alone, I really am doing my best and hopefully can get back to work but working in a kitchen is hard when you feel low on energy and in pain, also my gripping in my hands is not as good, I drop things quite a lot now and can't use a knife for long periods, chopping etc it will be fun and games on Friday when I have my health assessment I don't even know what they will ask me because I look ok healthiest I think they will take me off esa so we will see,

All the best Katie take care 😆

Hi modmaster, remember you can ask for adaptations in work but it does not always help when the hands wont work. I can't even pour a cup of tea some days, it can be depressing but good luck with your assessment, rushing at things makes it worse. I used to use a special knife with serated edge at work. Now I have my saw as I call it , serated edge and upright handle that you use in a saw like motion. Let us know how your health assessment goes on Friday, will be thinking of you Bye for now.

Hi Katie , yeah I know what you mean be careful with your saw, haha

I will keep you posted about how I get on on Friday ,


Hello James.

You saw the Rheumatologist? What tests did he do / arrange? Did you have blood tests? Did he refer you to Neurology Department for a Nerve Conduction Study to confirm diagnosis of, or eliminate, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

I only found out about all my medical conditions when I applied for a copy of my Hospital Records.

You don't have much time left to organise help / advice for Friday but remember that you lost your job because of your ill health. That must be worth a mention. You could also appeal if you lose ESA and then make sure you get more information and get some advice or help with your appeal if that becomes necessary.

Do you know that codeine in cocodamol causes constipation? A stool softener - Lactulose medicine would help with this. Eating a healthy balanced diet will help in general. Adding extra fibre and drinking plenty water or diluted drinks.

Have you seen your GP since you saw the Rheumatologist? If not see him asap and ask if he's had any information through yet. Tell him how poorly you feel and the effect this has had on your life. Tell him how it went at the hospital and ask what more can be done. Or are you still under the Rheumatologist?

Hope it goes well for you Friday,.be careful. List all your pains and symptoms (are you at risk of falls ??) and what has happened as you have done in your post. Take in copies of any hospital letters re appointments. Consultant, Physio etc. Also any helpful written information you have from work or doctor. Get advice if you can first.

You may still be in shock, to some extent, about what has happened to you. Give yourself some time. Try and found out as much as possible about your condition. I understand that Psoriatic Arthritis is an Autoimmune Disease. Research it and check out Arthritis helplines if you think this might help.

Hopefully, you will be able to go back to work one day. But, for now, give yourself time.

God Bless


Hi Mary,I have had blood tests done says I was a bit deficient in vitamin d which i got supplememt from the doctor for, and i had an x ray with the rheumatologist but not had results since Feb that was, apparantly they will send me them soon,

I am going to ask about the carpal tunnel again I only got my letter for assessment on Friday so I have a week to sort myself, I might ask the physio for a letter although I have only seen her twice ,

I think I am in a bit of shock and denial to be honest, I will get there on the path to dealing with it better sometimes you let things get on top of you which causes a lot of stress I think i.e. not working, low income, etc .

Thank you to your lovely advice I will use it all it is very much appreciated😊


You should be able to get results of that through GP surely? OR

Doesn't Physio have access to the xray pictures? After all everything is on the computer isn't it. Or you could phone Rheumatologist 's secretary and see if they would give you results over the phone?? Might be worth a try?


Joint pain does get you, I know. As it's cartilage perhaps checking back with your gp to see if it's operable. Joint inflammation can be caused by many things. An alkaline diet is supposed to help, but finding one which suits is difficult. There is also some correlation between too much protein and insufficient magnesium. There's lots of different magnesiums, some have a 'moving experience' so if you don't need that, then try magnesium malate ( from malic acid), you could also try a magnesium oil spray, although use a little at first as some people find it can irritate the skin. Also a good soak in an epsom salts bath, at least 1/2 hour, don't have the water too hot. Also you can soak your feet in bowl if you don't have a bath at home,( some people only have showers nowadays). It's certainly worth looking at some of the foods you eat, some people find that nightshade foods are inflammatory... try leaving them out, see how you feel, then reintroduce them, one by one, leaving a space between them. It's all trial and error. Some people benefit from MSM. It's all worth trying.

How old are you? Your symptoms sound like PMR or polymyalgia rheumatic. But most people that get it are over 50 although some people will get it in their 30s and 40s. But it takes a doctor who knows PMR to agree with a diagnosis if you are that young. There is a test they will run to see if you have inflammation. They will draw blood and look at your sed rate and your C-reactive protein. But again you can still have PMR and these levels will be normal. The best test is to treat it as if it was PMR for about a week or two and see if your symptoms disappear. The doctor will have you take prednisone, anywhere around 15 mg to 20 mg. A rheumatologist is the type of doctor to treat you for this disease. You should look it up and see what you think. This forum has a section for PMR so you might also peruse that source as well.

Hi Amkoffee,

I am 40 thank you for your information I will check that out for sure



Hi, you are absolutely right about no one give straight answer! And no one actually examines or touches you, seriously if you're looking and tapping on the computer how are you listening to the patient? Unfortunately after 8 years of this rubbish I've decided you have to stamp your foot, (if you can without causing too much pain) they say the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the oiling.

I also would have thought that if you have Psoriasis, you probably are experiencing Psoriatic arthritis. Are you going back to the Rheumatologist? Did they do blood tests? Also you need to be referred to a pain clinic.

Personally I'm at the point of righting a complaint to, well not sure who to yet, but I've been on this annoying journey for long enough!

Hope you the ESA assessment goes well, you can always appeal if it doesn't.

Best wishes

Hi caitnaidoo

Yes it can be pretty shocking at least you have here to voice your anger, and I will not stamp my foot too hard ( I found that very funny) hahaha, thank you regarding your reference to the pain clinic I will seek that out yesterday I helped my brother move furniture at home I had to lie down after it in pain, not right for a man of 40 I don't think , I do hope we get answers soon I think it will help us a great deal ,

Thanks again and cheers 🍻


hi everyone and happy weekend,

i went to see physio again on tuesday to look at my wrists and she suspects i have psoriatic arthritis and is having me referred for a second opinion i finally found some one who cares and helps like everyone on this forum , she examined my wrists and asked my symptoms and found i had cartlidge problems in right wrist which i have to see a hand specialist for also, so it wasnt all in my head after all.

As for my health assessment i wasnt in for very long and i think they will take me off it , i told them all my symptoms, pain, stiffness, etc and gave them all my appointment letters etc so we will see,

i thank you all for all your kind replies and advice

be lucky

james x

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