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Health and work advice - recently graduated

I'd love some advice right about now. I've just finished my undergraduate degree and am waiting for my results, and I'm a couple of months behind everybody else because of bad health.

Does anyone have advice regarding getting benefits, since I am waiting for hospital appointments later this month and am in such constant pain that I don't think I could confidently consider myself fit enough to work (definitely not a full time job at any rate). I'm getting more scans of my lower abdomen and might need surgery, but everything is so up in the air for the next month or so that I don't quite know what to do.

On top of all this, I've had difficult mental health issues for the past 9 or 10 months (from a condition that's already been around for nearly 5-6 years).

Would it be best to apply for Universal Credit, Jobseekers or some sort of 'unfit for work' benefit?

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Hi it depends on what system you are on as Universal Credit is being slowly rolled out across the country. Most areas though are still under the old system so what you need to do is claim ESA which is sickness benefit for when you are not fit enought to work. You can make the claim now as long as you can get a sick/fit note from your doctor within 7 days.

If you consider you are fit to work then you will need to claim JSA.

Look at the Gov.UK site for all the information about benefits and how to claim. Good luck. x


Better to be safe than sorry,i would put together a backup plan.Chronic pain and other illnessess dont discriminate and always seem to pop up at the most inconvienient times.I live in Perth ,Australia so im not familiar with you're system.Good luck in you're ventures.


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