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Sciatic Pain

Good afternoon all,

I debated about posting this, I am having such a good day today and going to relish the relatively less pain day!

I purchased a topper for my bed and have started taking turneric tablets. I have also ran out of my tablets - could this be it? Could the pills I was on be making me worse? Who know, but I am not going to waste today. I have done 30 mins of stretching and keeping mobile.

Thinking off you all and can't thank you enough for being there.

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Good on ya, but you must keep it up and hopefully you will have a better life for it because keeping your mobility is something to behold. best Alex

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Been 2 days since I last posted and not being funny but OMG I feel really good. I haven't had any medication - well strong stuff for 2 days now. I have taken 8/500 cocodomol and to be fair that nothing to the cocktail I was consuming. I really believe the meds have been making me feel bad!

My little bambinos have noticed a difference in my moods and my husband no wants to divorce me lol (he has never said that, he has been amazing and supportive - however I have been a cow at times!!) long may it last xxxxx


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