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Abdominal Pain for a Week

I'm a 19yr old male that weights 135lbs and this is the most scared I have been in my life.

Starting roughly a week ago I had a sharp pain in my right side followed by a heat flash . I was also experiencing constipation and diarrhea, yellow stools with little red specks (the red specks are gone now) Slight nausea but no vomiting or fever. I was in bed for a few days until one night my abdominal pain (which hurt the most directly underneath my right ribcage) began to affect my breathing. I went to the ER and spent the entire night there.

They found absolutely nothing. Xrays, ultrasound and bloodtest all came back clear. Yesterday I felt the best I ever had felt the past week, until late at night where I defecated probably 8 times and each time solid green stool came out.

Come today I felt genuinely normal but a few hours ago the abdominal pain has returned. I also noticed a line that appears slightly swollen when I lay down, starting in my right upper quadrant and diagonally downwards into my right lower quadrant.

Any answers please?? I cannot get checked by a dr yet as I don't have one yet (Calling tomorrow morning) and I would love to be at ease.. Been so afraid I'll die or something

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It's very important that you go back to the hospital, you might be happier going with someone to give you confidence. At a time like this you just have to persist in getting checked again. There is obviously an unresolved issue here that needs sorting quickly. Please go back today it will give you that peace of mind.


Did the hospital take a stool and urine sample? Call in at your nearest doctors surgery and get registered and ask for emergency appointment today. You need a few tests done to find out what's going on. X

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Keep a food diary for the next few days , don't go near dairy or bread for a while and definitely take a stool sample to your doctor for testing. Are you taking any medication at the moment?


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