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Some good news for a change!

I've posted on this forum on many occasions about my struggle with chronic pain following a spontaneous pelvic fracture, well at last we've had some good news! It's really going to make the search for an accessible home for me so much easier; my critical illness policy accepted that my disability was now permanent and paid out! I've written all about it in my blog which you can find here


My blog has definitely given me a new direction and purpose in life and following this good news we can start looking for what seems to be the rarest of beasts - a bungalow with a wet room...!!!


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Great news. That's quite a struggle with them you have had.



Thanks Dee, you're right, it has been a real struggle but we can now start looking for our new forever home! The pain isn't going away or getting easier but we're learning to manage it Xx


Good. Congratulations (if that is the right word ! You know what I mean).


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That is good news and you must find it uplifting, given all the pain you are suffering. So good luck with the house hunt.x

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