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4 mos into knee replacement and a set back

I am now 4 mos following total knee replacement and in the last few weeks it hurts more, swollen at the knee cap and on sides and below and warm. I had been doing great but did too much for a week, walked on uneven sand a lot and since then it has set me back, I can't bend as much as I could, the swelling worse in evening runs the horizontal line of my scar, rather bumpy along the stitches it appears, below, above and on the inside of my knee. I have gone back to surgeon a couple of weeks ago when I had a fever which went away the next day, but they said due to the uneven ground it flared up. It's not red, I had the fever only a day and evening and that was over 2 weeks ago. Since it continues to be painful I am concerned, I don't want to be a pest to the docs who seemed to think it is normal but wish to get my movement back and pain gone.

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Never think you are a pest. If you are still worried then go back. However I think you have answered your own question with uneven ground.

Knees do take a very long time to heal and you must be patient. Don't run before you can walk. Pardon pun!

Do follow what you have been told to do and not to do.

Good Luck


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Go back to surgeon or doctor, my husband had knee replacement 8 years ago. was fine for wee while, then very sore, fever etc, they found he had a tight grizzle bit ( like a knot in flesh) this was cut and has been fine since. It does not matter how many times you go back if you think something not right then do so , Good luck

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Go back! Better safe than sorry.

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